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Still Alive and Well

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by stonie jo, May 29, 2004.

  1. Sittin' here gettin' ready to go see another Ran$om show - puttin' on my war paint ;)

    Hope you all have a good weekend - be careful - get a poppy (got mine already).

    The first shot I do tonite is for all my cool buds - all the ones here and there!!
  2. im a little confused.. but a take a stoned shot in the dark...:smoking:

    do u act or something?

    i think this becuase your ready to do another ransom "show", and war paint (make up?), and the first "shot"..

    all sounds movie related to me.. how far off am i?
  3. band groupie :D.
  4. ^^^

    Haha. Most definately.
  5. Yes - groupie, band bitch, ornament.

    What a headache!! What a nite! I feel like I'm too old to be rollin' in to the homestead at the buttcrack of dawn. They're playin' again tonite. I had to pass on it. Too much road time and my back is still hurtin' from sittin' in that damned hard chair last nite. I got out and danced plenty - it's all the time before and after they played.

    I'm moanin' and groanin' now but you know I love every minute of it!! They kick total ass and we always have a great time!!

    Hope you all are havin' a good weekend!!

    ('Still Alive and Well' was what we were listenin' to when I posted that. Edgar Winters, I believe. Also kinda fit the Memorial weekend thing)

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