stickyness in a homemade wooden pipe

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  1. :smoke: whats up gc? so my wooden pipe i made because my bong just broke recently and i dont have any money coming in until i sell mah hash then ill have spare money to buy a nice local oregon single perc'd bong ^.^ its all i need i dont need no asscatcher or bub attachment i wouldint mind a diffuser stem or however u call it

    ANYWAYs my homemade pipe was drilled a straight while then a down one then a carb but i decieded to take my broken homemade tincture bottle glass one hitter and put that in the bowl so i noticed this when i put it in a doler bill too id say it was about a inch long maybe a lil bit less then an inch and when i smoke it pressed down into the cedar or some other type of good smellin wood bowl it gets sticky and it smells like resin from the pipe when you scrape it

    what do you think is causing that?
  2. Read it twice man, I Tried to envision every single way but couldn't come up with anything. It's a bit confusing. Clear it up or add pics of what you're describing will probably dramatically help.
  3. Dude learn grammar man and fix your paragraph it does not make any sense and i read it 3 times what are you smoking? send it this way because i think you had too much.
  4. good on ya dude at least you're doin shit
  5. also unable to understand


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