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Discussion in 'General' started by ebola weed, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. my dick got me into a sticky situation yet again. im having sex with this really hot girl who just happens to be my prom date. she has a boyfriend in college. she wants a relationship with me though, and i do not want a relationship. i need advice.

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  3. Not worth it, she is a slut.

  4. My advice is to use that section. General is filled with ridiculousness, you won't get many real answers.

    But if you want some advice, play the game. You're in highschool, so it really doesn't matter, chances are you won't end up being "highschool sweethearts" and getting married.

    Think of this, she really doesn't want a relationship. She's a whore. She's cheating on her boyfriend, thus she'd cheat on you. I'm assuming she just wants to know she could have you if she wanted.. it's that whole "unattainable" syndrome...

    tl;dr: Fuck her until she leaves
  5. Theres more to it. I told her im moving to santa barbara this august and going to school. she still wants a relationship though haha.. i am just that guy who doesnt do relationships so why would i be in one with her?

  6. Then don't, sounds like your mind is made up already.

    If your not a guy who does relationships then why would you want one with her?

  7. Alright, I tried to be nice and give help..but now I'm just going to tell you the truth, because after all, you are about to enter the real world.

    The break down? Here it is..

    You're in high school, everything seems important, everything you do... well it's not. No one really cares about high school once you're out, it's not really spoken of at ALL until you're really drunk one night and you're fucking a girl you went to school with, but you blew your load after like 4 minutes and... hold on, I went off on a tangent. You need to simply tell this girl "listen, I want to fuck, I don't want a relationship, I don't do relationships because they don't ever turn out well". Because after all, if you keep this mentality, you'll end up alone, because after high school and college, shit changes. Women aren't GIRLS at that point and they will want commitment.

    So man up, tell this girl how it is, if she doesn't like it, then no loss right? Because if you don't want commitment then why the fuck should you even care about this situation?
  8. i dont even wanna bang her anymore
  9. Then tell her to hit the pavement your done and want to move on to the next slut in line.
  10. Youre all dicks i at least want to be real with this girl and stay friends
  11. ^^Peculiar...You got that fine ass on lock down and you want to go to the friend zone...:confused_2:
  12. Bang her, bang her mom, bang her sister (if she has one)
  13. I have trouble cuttin hoes
  14. Yes I'm a dick, I am to every woman I meet, I get more ass now then when I was nice to them.
  15. [quote name='"Ganoo"']Yes I'm a dick, I am to every woman I meet, I get more ass now then when I was nice to them.[/quote]

    very true. I dont label myself a dick, I label myself honest
  16. what are you gay
  17. op stop trollin
  18. I'll give you actual advice . Or I'll try .

    Just tell what you just said . That you aren't the guy for a relationship and it would be cool to just be frriends . Just be real .

    And I would tell after prom man . It's always nice to have a guaranteed fuck on prom .
  19. start ignoring her.

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