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Sticky lips

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lsupimp2, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Hey y'all so I have a question about my lips. Every time I smoke regardless of what it's out of, except a bong because I haven't smoked from one in about a month, my lips get sticky with like a yellow reside and it smells like actual shit. I've tried smoking from the side of my mouth which didn't help. I've tried using my fingers as a barrier also, which didn't work. It only happens on the front part of my lips like right in the middle, and it only happens to me and no one else when I'm smoking. This just started like 3 weeks ago and I am just wondering if this happens to anyone else. I'm starting to think that my lips react to the smoke and produce this disgusting stuff. Oh and if it gets in my mouth my entire mouth becomes numb. It also isn't the weed because I've tried differnt strAins and nothing helps. Any advice or personal experience with this would be awesome. Thanks a ton!
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    DUH ! ! ! ! !
    no, you are not some mutant, weed did not mutate your is resin from the joint....
  3. That's what I thought but how come I get soooooo much more than everyone else who is smoking at the same time as me? Like it almost makes me want to stop smoking
  4. And it has only recently started to happen, I've smoked for years with no resin issues but now I can't smoke without getting resin all over my lips
  5. Make sure you don't like your lips too much before you smoke. It gives the res something to stick to.
  6. Oh that might be it, Maybe I do. I'll think about that next time I light up. Thanks!
  7. Maybe its jizz leaking back from your throat to the j.
  8. Are you 15? Seriously you just sound like a moron.
  9. This only happens to me when someone rolls a joint without a filter and with those transparent papers. It's just res and wash it off
    No I'm 46 and it was just a joke.  Sticky lips fuck up your sense of humor?
  11. People are so sensitive now a days.

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  12. This happens whenever I smoke a j or blunt, more so with a blunt. I tuck my lips and hold it in my mouth with the topmost part of my lips that rant wet.
  13. That only happens to me when I roll my joints or blunts too tight or if I stuff them too fat. The resin gets really bad if it's tight and has no where to go except towards your mouth. If your rolling or stuffing your joint/blunt to the point where no air is going through, resin will be there. 

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