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Sticky Buds for Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sourjello73, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. This unknown dank ran me $90 for 8g. 3.1g Pictured. It had a pungent but fruity smell. You can easily smell it through the bag. The buds are nice a big, very vibrant green, (the shitty lighting make for poor pictures. Camera didnt pick up the beautiful greens) and sticky. My whole 8g was clumped together into one big bud :smoking: Its a very indica high. Very heavy in the eyes and great for bedtime smoking. Dried and cured well and tastes delicious and sweet. Hits you hard in the lungs tho.. Definitely grabbed some decent kush. My dude had a half pound of it... crazy.
    He's also growing GDP and Sour Cheese (Cheese x Sour Diesel I guess :confused:), and plans on giving me a clipping of each cuz he knows I grow :D Theres a link to the journal for my current grow in my signature!

    Check out the nugs :bongin:





    And of course, the best macro I could muster..

    Goodnight, and Happy Thanksgiving GrassCity!!!
    -Jello :smoke:
  2. Looks nice

    What's crazy about a HP? ;o
  3. Wow looks like the bud i just got strain is (fucking incredible) and also got. Buubllegum
  4. looks a bit like the 8th of purple kush i just picked up for turkey day.. very nice pickup and ata nice price.. BUMP..
  5. nice, looks dank man! great pictures! :smoke:

  6. Thanks homie. It is. Its very good smoke. Especially for nighttime.

    And whats crazy is he grabs a HP pretty much every other day :D
    And kilos and kilos and kilos of unmentionables....
  7. Amazing looking stuff.

  8. Thanks man, Just blazed 2 joints with my pops. Would have burned a blunt but the store was closed for Thanksgiving. Nowhere else to buy dutches >.<
  9. Tasty, nice pickup

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