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  1. Yo GrassCity whats up? So i have been on the torch for almost 2 years and lovin every second of it! Just want to share whatni have been workin on! Been makin some sick lil oil rigs!!! These things are sweet lil snappers! I will keep ya"ll updated on my steez!

  2. nice work man
  3. Digging the far left rig, although I would like better pics. :)
  4. Carved leaf oil rig 3 hole diffy

  5. I was hoping that was a leaf; although it would be cool if the leaf was a perc. :hello:
  6. Carved leaf oilers

  7. Dude leaf percs would be ill! I will have to try messin around with that!!!
  8. Here are some leaf bubblers that i been makin! And a few other things!




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  9. Sick man, I'm definitely interested in a lil rig from you, it's awesome to support up n coming glass blowers.
  10. how can i get you to mail me one of these fine pieces?
  11. THCandroid what kinda piece you thinkin u want??? I can send whatever tmrw??? Lmk so i can shoot you a price. Thanks for the support!!!
  12. those leaf bubblers look dope! same with the rigs.

    what's you standard price for either?
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  14. [quote name='"SteveBeer"']Carved leaf bubs 50 plus shippin rigs are 100 plus shipping.[/quote]

    i may go for a leaf...dunno what shipping would cost..

    any idea
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