steve replaces jerry?

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, May 10, 2006.

  1. im sitting here watching jerry springer and steve is the host.

    is it always like this:confused:
  2. He fills in when he's not there usually.
  3. yeah, i haven't watched the show in a while. but on occasion they do "steve to the rescue" episodes. where he busts into a strip bar and literally pulls the girl out while getting inches away from beating the living piss out of the owner. it's great. steve is the man.
  4. Steve?? the bouncer?? He sometimes hosts? i love him!! my new mission in life is now to watch an episode where he is hosting... this is news to me.. i guess I can no longer consider myself the ultimate Jerry Springer fan..
    However is it just me..or has Jerry Springer gone down hill? or has my interest just faltered?
  5. the problem with talk shows is that they find a niche and they run with it. it gets old after a while.
  6. ^^exactly, And even the most entertaining toothless hillbillies sleeping with their cousins wives gets boring after a while..
  7. Pfff, mexican Jerry springer is so much more hardcore.
  8. do they even have trailer parks in mexico?

  9. No but usually some family will make up some feud just to get money for bein on the show, so its usually 2 bro's or 2 cousins punching each other while smiling and laughing.
  10. JOSE LUIS!!!

    haha, i love that show. they got gangsters beating down other fools n shit, even the audience gets in on the beatdowns hahaha.

  11. Ahhh thats the name, good call.
  12. yeah he couldnt get over the fact that the girl was prostituting since she was 11.he asked her the same question "what made you start at 11?" about 20 times in different forms.

    but the show really picked up from there.

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