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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by White Stacey, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. So I was running down the street to my buddies place to grab some cron before his break at work was over. As im running this muslim guy 10m in front of me starts to cowar, and raise his hands in peace. My intension was not aggresive, it was to get weed. So i slowed down and raised my hands in pease to. But he still thought i was after him. He walked off the sidewalk into the road, kinda bowing to me the whole time. I guess im not that average looking(Peircings and tattoos), but thats like common place these days. This isn't the first time this happened, and it leaves me feeling bad for the guy, and makes me feel like a monster(for lack of a better word).
  2. i wood have been quite offended if someone did that to me

    i wood prob have chased after him and scared the crap out of him just for the hell of it
  3. wait so u were running up to the muslim guy asking him for weed? or u were running past him and he got scared?
  4. Just start shouting "DURKA DURKA!"
  6. running past him to my buddys house
  7. If hes scared thats his problem.
    Just run faster ^_^.
  8. You should have started sprinting right at him and then gave him a hug. He would probably go and question his being for about 3 days straight.
  9. This.
  10. I Would Have Yelled "hello' :)
  11. That kind of shit happens to me all the time. I'm a guy with long hair and I wear alot of dark clothing / "metalhead" type stuff (boots, band tshirts, etc) - so just about every time some soccer mom is walking down the sidewalk with her kid, there's the nervous glance, the "switcheroo" (positioning herself between me and the kid)...

    It's not as if I don't expect it, but sometimes it puts a damper on a good mood. It's like: "Oh, thanks for reminding me. I'm a depressed reject fuckup, shouldn't be smiling or near children..."
  12. Yesterday I was working by the side of the road and a bum was walking by. I had to yell so my co-worker could tell where I was and when I yelled the bum started running and jumped over a guard rail into the woods.

    I just thought it was funny...
  13. I feel your pain brother. I'm in the same boat, but have the added benefit of being large and shifty-eyed:hello: Even my own family openly tells me that I "look like a Neanderthal". Woe is me.

    Anyone that really knows me can corroborate that I'm one of the gentlest, calmest, and nicest individuals out there, albeit awkwardly so. So, as per usual the stereotypes fail.
  14. Stereotypes eh? Yup, I hate em too...

    Stacey, how do you know he was Muslim?

    I'm a Muslim, and I hate stereotypes also. No offense mate, but the way you said it, you're also kind of stereotyping yourself...

    Trust me when I say I hate stereotyping, I can't fucking walk into an airport to pick up my mom without being extensively searched while I watch other people just walk right past me. Random my fucking ass! Drives me fucking nuts, at least be man enough to say you're pulling me aside because of my name and ethnicity. But I don't say anything, just shrug my shoulders, and let them feel me up. Nothing I can do really, it just sucks major balls. :(

    I'm ganna toke up tonight for a stereotype free world one day :smoking:
  15. One of my friends from college was Muslim. I found it almost embarrassing to go out in public places with him people always staring at you and whispering to each other it makes you feel horrible that people act like this without knowing anything about the person.
  16. I know the feeling!

    I'm a white guy in a world of racists, you wouldn't believe what I have to put up with.
    For instance, the other night I was walking home at 4AM and my nose was bleeding profusely from the thizz I'd snorted and I managed to get blood all over my face and hands.

    Anyways, a cop pulls me over, asks for my ID with a smile (probably thinking 'THOSE DAMN WHITIES') says "thank you, son" and drives off. Fuck, I hate my skin color. I want to change it.
  17. I get pegged as a racist alot... I'm white, shaved head and ussually wearing jeans and a white shirt... I get the whole skinhead thing, and can understand how someone could make the mistake to just look at me, but I've noticed only non-white cops slow down as they drive past me now... who's really racist?
  18. ever think of wearing huge army style boots? or getting some interesting tatoos? You'd get tons of attention then lol.
  19. I forgot to mention my boots :) I actually do slap on combats the odd time. and I've been considering getting a tatto soon, now that I really am 18, and have a steady cashflow, it's more just deciding who I want drawing on me, and what I want on my skin.
  20. well shit if you look different people are gonna act different around you..appearance is the only thing people that dont know you can judge you on and they will...gotta expect ppl to react to what you look like

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