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  1. name some stoner stereotypes:metal:
    e.g. stoners are lazy
  2. Stoners are always laughing.
  3. Stoners are retarded.

    I hate this one the most
  4. Stoners lack motivation.
  5. Stoners can lead successful lives
  6. black people like chicken and are retarded.
  7. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']Stoners can lead successful lives[/quote]

    How did I know this was coming?
  8. Stoners have baggy eyes.
  9. Stoners end up doing heroine and crack.
  10. You knew I was online
  11. Stoners have no brain cells.
    Marijuana Leads to cocaine.
  12. Stoners can't hold down a job

    Lesbians are all man hating femnazis
  13. Stoners smoke just to act cool
  14. Stoner',

    ....I forget
  15. Stoners smoke marijuana

    Oh wait...
  16. Not a stoner stereotype. Racial
  17. The second par t is not "stoner" related
  18. All stoners are "dirtbags"

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