Step dad trying to steal my car

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    Soo.. let's see...

    When I got out of the Army and moved back home I got a used BMW. It had some engine issues so it was in the shop for a long time. And I dropped a lot in it to fix it. I never had it put under my name (the title/registration) because I wasn't driving it (although I should have, which I regret not doing sooner). So recently I came out to my grandmas, and my car (back home) got out of the shop. Now I have the bill of sale and pink slip signed over to me, and I plan on going home soon and getting it signed over. Well... my step dad is one evil, EVIL (like literally, psycho from a movie) evil red neck hick. Well suddenly, he has this hair up his ass to "find the title". My mom keeps calling me asking where the title is, saying that it's better I tell them where it is so they can put it under their name so no "bad stuff" happens with an unregistered car sitting around.

    Ok well, before I left here I was STONED 24/7, but I remember thinking before I left "I should probably hide this title, incase". The problem is, I don't remember where I hid it, lmao. But that's fine for now, as long as HE doesnt find it and forge a fake bill of sale and go to the DMV to get it under HIS name. Because if he does that, he will for SURE say it's his and black male me for it, saying that it's under his name now. But if he DOES manage to find the title, and he does forge my signature and I get home, who would I tell that to? The police? Because this sick sadistic mother fucker is SLY, like really good at fucking people over, and now all of the sudden he wants to sign MY CAR under his name because technically it's not signed under mine right now. Oh man I'm fucking pissed, I'm fuming, like ready to destroy him in every possible way I can if his ass finds my title. I will call the police when I get home and have his ass arrested for theft. UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

    And my mom, she's his BITCH, so she won't say anything to her precious redneck fat loser ass broke husband.

    Sorry for all the anger GC. Man it's like, I have one problem after another, doesn't it? :eek:
  2. apparently, its a G thing ;)
  3. wow, your stepdad sounds like a prick, have you confronted him and told him to stay the fuck away form the title?
  4. go get ur car dude

  5. Apparently it is, hahaha. Oh man. But, would this be something I could tell the police about?
  6. trash the car and collect the insurence
    it sounds like a horrbile idea
    but thats cause it is
  7. yeah, tell them no. i dont get why this is so hard. third person's view though.

  8. Yes and he is blackmailing me saying when I get back from my grandmas soon, I won't be allowed to live there unless I tell him. pretty much saying I have to tell him where it is. But I dont remember where I hid it (I know I did) Im just worried he will find it before I get home and go and have it put under his name. But if I don't sign the pink slip to give him authorization, isn't that theft? Even though I never registered it with the DMV? I just want to make sure I have my ducks in a row to call the cops if it gets to that point.
  9. wow this had me cracking up for a good 5 mins
  10. Sounds like, if transportation is available at all, you should get down there asap. If your grandma has enough of an arm to throw feces, she can take care of herself for two days :D.
  11. What you could do is call the police and tell them what your stepdad's trying (well,,,he's not trying he actually is) to do. Other than that I'd find the title and find a new place to live
  12. Thats fucked up man.
    didn't wanna say this but your family is fucked up.
  13. the coolest part of the story is that the car is a BEAMERRRRRRR.
  14. ya guy.... dude sounds like a conniving mother fucker.

    Remember....fat red neck hicks have weak knees, I bet you could drop him like a sack of doorknobs ;)

  15. judging by the context of the sounds like a BUUMMMMERRRRR
  16. What a bitch ass..
    hope he doesn't find it before you do, and if he does get him in legal trouble, get your car back and beat his ass retarted.
  17. yeah man! i hate stepdads... ive had 3....
    all of em either abused me or TRIED TO before i broke their fucking arm

    i remember... i was 15... or 16... i was walking into a hardware store... buying A LOCK! A FUCKING LOCK and hes like "dont sell this kid anything"

    im like = O stevan your not my father. you cant tell me what i can and cant have.

    hes like get in the car lets go.

    "stevan i need this lock so i dont get MOREEE shit stolen at school"

    "JD ur not getting it."

    "i'm being smart so i dont get more shit stolen"

    "that lock will be used to lock things up in the house"

    JD: "stevan im not locking up my pot. cuz thats obvious. plus its in a spot you would never ever ever find!"

    Stevan: anything that gets stolen I WILL REPLACE.... he owes me $$$ now

    he tries dragging me out..

    i brushhim off and just start walking... light up a cig... and walk

    he rips it out of my mout,

    "Who the fuck do you think you are???"

    "JD Cohen. and not your fucking son"

    "your right ur not my son, but ur my wifes son so get in the car."

    "you have no right to tell me what to do"


    "fuck off!"

    "if you ever speak to me liek that again ill slap u so hard ull forget who u are"

    LETs see it
    (i push him)

    comeon big man, lets see u slap me so hard i forget who i am... cuz i damn wont forget to call childservices on ur ass..

    wait no i dont need that. ill fight u myself. and reall good "step parenting" resorting to violence to solve an issue. ur right! thats why u live in MY FATHER"S house and you sit at MY seat at the dinner table and use MY room as a fucking closet while im at school.

    ur just another one of moms boyfriends

    *turns around to slap me, i duck. catch him with an upper cut... jab to the nose. and a right hook.

    turn around. light up another cig... and call a friend...

    told him all about it... we rolled a blunt and i slept at my dads house.

    PS: when i came back to my room... my whole entire room had been searched..

    all they found was an empty box of camels and my switch blade

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