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  1. Hey guys im new here, just wanted to start by saying hi and i hope you're enjoying a nice smokey sunday.

    I have chronic pain so i recently decided to try smoking cuz the meds the doctor prescribed me got me fat...and addicted. So i quit that shit about a year ago and have been dealing with the pain without any help pain no gain right ?

    But i can't take it anymore so i recently started smoking and i must confess that im finding myself wanting to smoke even when im not in too much pain...i guess the green lady has it's charms. So now i want to grow my own ... and i would like to find a step by step guide to grow auto-flowering from germination to harvest.

    Is there anything like that around here ? If not, let's make one. I have searched for a bit around here but haven't really found what im looking for specifically
  2. As simple as this may sound, you need to use the search function.
  3. I mean, there are entire books on growing weed. You can buy them from any book store. A step by step guide would be hundreds of pages long.
  4. Welcome to the forum by the way. I didn't mean to come off rude if that's how it sounded.

    It's just, one person would have to compile and organize all the info into one thread, and at that point they may as well just write a book. There's a lot of great info here though! Check the absolute beginners section, read the stickied threads, and check out some other member's grow journals.
  5. No problem, you weren't rude . Thanks, it's just that i've been researching alot about this lately and i still got some doubts, mostly what soil, nutrients and fertilizers should i use, and if i can grow auto flower following a "normal" weed guide. (noob question).

    As it's my first time im afraid to make mistakes.
  6. Mistakes are all a part of growing, no need to be afraid. No one ( or hardly anyone) produces amazing bud their first grow. It's a lot of trial and error. There are just so many different methods and techniques, that it's hard to give a definitive answer. You have to figure out what works for you.
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    Well theres a ton of routes can use. Id suggest you use google. The whole world is on there. Google some grow guides. Buy the book Cannabis Grow Bible, and/or Marijuana Horticulture. Both are great reads. I find myself referencing them alot. They sell them on iPad if you own one or any Tablet. After you read a couple grow guides online you will find that they all sound pretty similar. The particular differences are probably from how the grower does things. There similar because growing it is easy once you do some reading.

    After that I figure out how much you want to spend. You can spend couple hundred or less to the thousands. That dictates what you can do.

    I would also look to see if theres a hydro store in the city you live in. Usually they do not advertise and are spread word of mouth. If you live in a city then you most likely have one. I live in a major metro area and was shocked to learn that there was 6 Hydro stores. Google Map your city and type in Hydro and it should come out.

    Theres no set way in growing. You will find as you start your journey that people grow in sheds, boxes, rubbermaid containers, small tents to huge ones. Outside obviously as well. People use all type of soil to water to air misting roots. Etc etc.

    As for autoflowers...the only different between a auto flower and a photo period is basically a autoflower goes into flowering on its own based on age not turning the lights off for a 12 hour period. There needs, challenges are the same. Don't let the term "auto" fool you into thinking its made for beginners. Ive actually had more issues with autos then photo period. Todays Autos to seem to usually take in excess of 60-70 days to grow from start to finish where as photo period plants are not that much longer generally and you will have a much more stable strain and be able to smoke some legendary smokes. Auto selection do to the process of creating one theres a much more limited variety to some vendors not even making any in there line up.
  8. Thanks man, believe me i've been reading and reading and reading. gotta read more though

    Don't think there's an hydro here, small city

  9. Check out Grow Lights by High Tech Garden Supply | Your Online Hydroponics Store. You can buy anything you need for growing from them. also carries anything that they sell. Craigslist and Ebay are sources as well. Nothing is illegal about owning or selling gear that can grow basil :).

    Also pick up a high times and check out the weblinks and such.

    Hydro stores are sometimes driving for. I know I have to check out there wares. Usually though ordering it all online is dramatically cheaper.

    You picked a good forum though for your journey. Prior to the 21st Century all of this knowledge was spread from person to person if at all it seems. Literally all of it has shifted to the internet like the porn industry lol. Even the seeds are sold via the internet.

    Google Attitude Seed Bank for a great place to buy seeds.
  10. Well if you keep reading you will find that autos are a waste.

    Lets start,

    You have never grown before yet want to grow autos. Excuse me if I'm wrong but could this be because you are looking for Something that finishes faster so you can get high quicker? (I thought this at first) sure someone will quote me and say "autos are great" and post a picture of oz racks racks racks.

    If so that's the wrong approach. If I were you I would get some feminized seeds. Start one under a light and flip to 12/12 after 5-6 weeks.

  11. Well I would not categorize the entire auto line up as a waste. They grow ganja just fine. There just a little different. They also can get pretty big. I grew some very large Autos in the past. There just hit or is photoperiod.

    Its like anything anywhere with any kind of product. Alot dislike alot like.

    Whats interesting is there calling the last year and halfs autos that have come out Autoflower 2.0. The first waves were shit. Today if you flash forward there biggest market now is actually EU.
  12. Good points,

    They are hit or miss, the first strain I had was ak-48 and a white widow auto. . Horrible results it flowered all popcorn buds and The white widow never kicked into flower lol.

    To the OP good luck and keep reading!

  13. Im buying the seeds from (im in portugal so no seeds here :( )

    Thanks for all the tips, am just trying to start with the minimum gear possible due to (very) low budget but i will certainly have a look.

    And junglejim , im growing autos for two simple - they're quicker and more resistant to newbie mistakes (or so I've read somewhere) and 2 - a friend of mine who supplies me from time to time buy's it from a guy who only grow's i've always been smoking autos and i like it. (ok now you're gonna tell me that i need to try the "real" shit right ? )
  14. Well there not all that quicker...thats something you will learn. The better Autos take over 60 days usually now. Difference between 2 months and a week and 3 months is not really much. There not any easier. Auto refers to it flowering automatically and nothing else. Photos you simply turn off the lights. Thats not all to hard :) and there not any more resistant then anything else.

    They still need light, food, airflow, temp control, humidity control. There just a different variety. Also autos lack the diversity that photos have. Try smoking OG anything auto..wont happen to my knowledge. Try smoking a Super Lemon Haze. That wont happen either.

    I do think you being in EU its different. Here in the States most hate autos. EUers love them.

  15. i bet you're right, but i think that it's normal for beginners to think that with auto's it's all fun n' games.

    btw the summer here is very hot and most days there are no wind at is there a problem growing outdoors with 113 Fahrenheit (sometimes more, sometimes less) ?
  16. I still have some (many doubts) so i hope some of you can answer me.

    right after germination can i just put it in a cup outdoors, maybe in a shade or do i need to let it grow a bit inside the house ? i don't have lights or money to buy them.

    As soil im thinking about getting the bio grow mix or the terra seed mix . are they any good ?

    How long should i leave it in a cup until i transplant it to something bigger ? i have a 6 gallon/22 (?!) liter container, i know it's huge but im going to cut in half or about 60%.

    Can i put it in the final container right after germination without going thru the all cup step?

    Do i need manure, nutrients and fertilizer ?

    And how much water should i give it ? i know when to give it just not how much. Im going to buy distilled water cuz the tap water here sucks.

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