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  1. Homemade CO2 bucket. This is probably on here already but wtf, right

    Stuff you need
    bucket of some sort with lid, 5 gallon is best
    3 2 liter bottles
    10' 1/4 tubing
    2 1/4" T connectors
    3/8" drill bit
    3 x 3/8" grommets OR glue
    6 cups sugar
    3/4oz yeast
    3 liters of water
    couple rubber bands

    First, grab your caps from your 2 liters and drill 3/8" holes in them. 1/4" tubing will fit through a 3/8" hole, you can use glue to seal the holes

    OR, you can cut the holes just a tad bigger with a hobby knife and use 3/8" grommets and NO glue

    Cut yourself 3 pieces of tube, about 10-12" long

    Stick one end of a section of tube into a cap, the other end into a T connector

    Join the other two. Cut another piece of tube about 4"

    Connect everything leaving one connection open

    Drill a hole in the side of your bucket near the TOP

    Drill hole in cab to feed CO2 hose in through

    Take about 6' of tube and stick one end into the hole in the bucket, the other end will go into your cab so you can make it as long or short as you need it.

    fill each bottle with one liter of water, add 2 cups of sugar to each bottle, shake until dissolved - IF you needed a picture of this, PUT DOWN THE BONG!


    Measure out 7 grams - 1/4oz - for each bottle - They actually sell yeast in 1/4 oz packets, i just like to do shit the hard way, like looking for this scale for 20 minutes...

    Add 1/4oz yeast to each bottle, shake, screw on caps. i like to use rubber bands to hold them together. drop all three bottles into your bucket and connect the hose to the last open connection.

    Feed end of tube into cab, place behind a fan to disperse the CO2.

    TA-DAH! A CO2 system that took me less time to make then this post. costs about 20 bucks, works for two weeks then replace the mix. shake the bottles once a day for the most CO2 production.
  2. hey guy, that's a pretty nice tutorial there, kudos!!! it looks like it took some time too. now i don't mean to sound like an ass, but brewing co2 is such a waste of money/time. get yourself some sort of tester, and do a before and after co2 reading and you'll see what i mean. getting your co2 levels into the upper say, 700-900 ppm range with what you made is impossible! again, nice tutorial!!!
  3. just crush my dreams and aspirations why don't you
  4. in theory it should work, but i too am interested to see the PPM's etc. i am going to be just getting a co2 bottle for my setup.

  5. i'm sorry guy, i don't mean to sound like a jerk, but it's true. you just can't brew enough to make it worth using. what little it will produce will be spread around the room at the slightest fan action. there are some people out there that swear by it, but all you have to do is a before and after test to see.:(
  6. i was just joking, the whole set up cost me $3.78 and an hour of my day

    now this is going into a tiny cab for one plant, the whole cab is less then 2x2 squared

    i could totally see it doing fuck-all in a room setup
  7. Damn... i would have just filled the bucket with like 3-4 gallons of water/yeast/sugar mixture and hooked one tube up to my grow... could have gotten much more co2, and put in about a third of the work...

    Then would have distilled it so nothing goes to waste ;)
  8. Eh, its a really small cab, didn't want to over do it. Plus the bucket and lid aren't really airtight so i would loose some co2
  9. Duct tape my good sir... and if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing.

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