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  1. i have like an 8th of stems and was wondering what i should do with them. Any advice????????
  2. potka

  3. you could make a little bit of oil

    get some 99% isopropyl alcohol, soak them in it for an hour or 2, shaking every so often, you only need enough alcohol to cover all the stems, then drain it through a coffee filter into another jar. Cook it in a pot of boiling water on the stove if you are not familiar with it, for the alcohol could blow up in your face, and that wouldn't be pretty. If you have someone that is experienced, you could cook it on a coleman stove, but THAT IS FOR EXPERINCED PEOPLE ONLY.
  4. Yeah, do what Norm said!

    It's called Green Dragon.

    You get a small bottle of vodka, and put all the stems in it (shit.... if you're rich you could put buds in it!!!) and you leave it for a few weeks and the alchohol absorbs all the THC.

    Then you drink, and get fucked up!
  5. How about many weeks do u suggest?
  6. 3 to 5 weeks.....

    It's a long wait, but I'm sure you can smoke weed and add mroe stems while you wait!
  7. Good point! thanks for the info!
  8. THC is alchohol soluble, so it'll get digested and activated when you drink the BREW!
  9. could you just cut them up and pack a bowl???
  10. you technically could. But i assure you it would taste like shit, I wouldent recomend smokeing anything but buds. With that much stem i would either say make that green dragon drink, or fuckin throw them away. Their really not worth keeping or having around the house. Thats just my 2 cents

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