Stems turning red

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by loanbanker, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. What type of deficiency causes this? Im growing with a sea of green method and my plants are turning a purplish red color in the stems. any help is appreciated.

    I have been using floragrow and floramicro at 1150 ppm, and keep the PH to as close to 6.3 as possible. Still the lines persist and continue. Since its happening to all 4 plants Im assuming its a deficiency.

    any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. What strain of plant are you growing?
  3. this is my first grow. I dont know the strain of the seed.
  4. Yes you have a deficiency. You are missing the third ingredient to the General Hydroponics 3-part flora nute series. You need to get the Flora Bloom nute as well and add that to your grow. That Nute series needs all three parts to have a good healthy grow. And always add it in the order of Micro, Grow, and Bloom.
  5. Big Poppa you rock. Thanks. I have been neglecting to add the bloom. I have all 3 but have only used grow and micro. Thank you for your help!

    I also didnt know about micro bieng added prior to grow. is this to prevent lockout?

    Thanks for your help!

  6. Yep. look on the back of the bottles and it will say in tiny letters to add Micro then gro then bloom.
  7. fuck that this is jus me but i had purple stem before
    purple buds
    purple triclomes
    didnt seen to matter to me as deffieciency wise but think its jus the strain dont sweat it peaxce outbut thats jus me hehehehehehe
  8. GOOD GOD you people are experts
  9. problem solved.

    Thanks again big poppa

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