Stemless vs downstem

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  1. whats so great/different about stemless ? how do they have an advantage, if any, over downstems? Whats you alls favorite
  2. They have less drag, but they dont filter as well unless you get something that is disc diffused. In the end there is no proven advantage, only someones personal bias. I have a couple and I love how big of rips I can get from them, but my friends don't like how harsh they are.
  3. depends on what type of stemless you get. the main advantage (at least to me) is that you can have all kinds of different types of diffusion that you cant get with a regular downstem. for downstems your options are:

    and sometimes on bongs like Luke wilsons you can get ones that are anywhere from 4 to 10 arm downstems.

    With a stemless your options are almost limitless.

    you have:
    just to name a few.

    And generally the stemless options function better in most peoples opinion. The only good thing about downstems are you can take them out and clean them and you can swap it out for another one if you need to.

    Hope this helps
  4. downstems are easy to break. stemless is just one piece of glass.
  5. With downstem I got a straight triple perc with a diffused asscatch and it hits so smooth...
    without I also got a natural single perc zong and it rips like nothing on earth...

    I agree that is a matter of prefference and trade off...

    The only real thing i can think of is that you cant accidentally pull the stem instead of the bowl and drop it if there is no stem to grab
  6. ^ k clip, get one!
  7. Clips are for nonfunctional stoners that cant help but be to high to not break glass without them. I am fully functional high and have never broken any downstems i was just saying

  8. haha thats very true...i still use one just in case...u can be as careful as possible and still have an accident. just preppin for the worst
  9. yea tragedys do happen =(
  10. you might be the most careful stoner in the world, but unless you only smoke the bong by yourself, a k clip is a good idea.
  11. one disadantage of stemless/fixed stem is that you have to use them upright for best functionallity, so harder to sit back n relax while toking. but i wouldn't not get one just because of this

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