Stemless Straight Tube Water Pipe (Bong) with Pancake Diffuser and Disc Diffuser?????

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  2. I seen that the other day
    His shit is cool but it doesn't look that great to me he's charging 200 for a chubbler bubbler
  3. Well it's pretty tall and you could change the setup i'm sure,i might look into than gmd because there is already a waiting list but i will have to see. I need better picture unworked so i can actually see whats going on there
  4. If you want to spend 200 get the gmd waffle but get it worked with some nice colors and and matching shower head ashcatcher and disk diffused bowl

    Just search glassmandoll on google and his etsy page will come up
  5. Hey if you find out how much one cost just clear not me please
  6. I've talked to them before,i asked him about shipping to canada and whoever it was rude and told me only by money order not paypal because he got ripped off once by a Canadian, so i don't know if i wanna go through him,i might just order through etsy anyways and he will have to send it to me or give my money back. If they let me use paypal or cc i will gladly order from him

    I def want a non worked one
  7. I just looked at it again damn that mother fucker is tall as fuck almost 30 inches
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    Mmmm i like this tube, ive checkd out dwb but dont remember this. My next peice is gonna be stemless, for 200 this is looking like a keeper, especially @28in, thats bigger than anything i got atm.
    Also would like it not workd, glassy n classy

    Also i wonder if dwb does sandblasting becuase im having an epic vision of this materpeice.
  9. I would pay 100 for one unworked
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    imo this sellers stuff is way too expensive and its not even eye catching
    too many etsy artists think just coz they can blow glass they can charge big bucks.
    if im gonna spend 200.00+ on a tube I'll buy from someone with a rep for awesome glass not some greedy wanna be.

    that bubbler thing looks like a nightmare to clean

  11. Exactly his stuff is decent but overpriced.And there is not enough holes in the diffusers or percs.Look at that jumbo shower head hardly any holes.
  12. I got one of these being made right now. I did change some things though, like the height was way to big for me so I got it reduced to 17". THen I got him to put the waffle facing up as well as add more holes to the disc and waffle. Hopefully have some picks up soon for you to see.
  13. How much is it gonna run you
  14. 280$ but I'm getting the joint,waffle worked in rainbow and white. Plus the midsection will have some worked done with some sand-blasted stencils over it. So it isn't so bad, hoping the perc works well though.
  15. Jeez that seems a bit much.

    For $280 I'd scrape up a little more and get a SGW.

  16. That's a pretty penny
    Hope you like it
  17. haha i actually ordered one aswell..... its running me 275 worked, shortended to 16" and 50x9mm schott glass. he blew it once already but it bubbled and splashed to the lip so he asked if i minded him reblowing it but putting in a splash guard. so hopefully itll be done soon
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    Yeah i asked him how much for a 18 inch 20-25 gridded waffle non worked and then i was thinking about a gridded disc that would be sweet. Iwas just thinking what if some actually made the waffle looks sorta like a waffle lol,maybe even put a syrup bottle somewhere.
  19. upsidedown syrup bottle as the slide... so its like pouring syrup on the waffle....

  20. its worked and custom so 280 isnt that bad.... a sgw is about same thing without being worked or custom so...

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