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Stem shake. Is this smokeable?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JuicyJaydon, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hey GC, I just recently starting saving my stems and now have a small amount. I'm also noticing a small amount of stem crumbs/shake beginning to accumulate. Now I know this technically smokeable (along with cardboard, plastic, ect) but should this me smoked? Or maybe just use it with the stems to make tea or something?


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  2. Make tea homie
  3. I would make some QWISO with that 
  4. What's QWISO?

    Sent from the international space station
  5. Quick Wash Iso hash. Basically it's making hash using isopropyl alcohol as the solvent, gets a smaller yield and is lower quality than bho, but it's retardedly easy and imo is the best thing to do with stems. 
  6. what's a good amount to have to make the tea? Around a quarter of a standard ziplock bag? half? I don't have an oil rig yet so I'll probably end up doing this
  7. I wouldn't make tea. I made tea with about .7 of danks and it tasted so nasty. imagine butter and water and weed in one nasty liquid, didnt get me high eitherSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. Sounds like you made the tea wrong, grape.
    If you have a lot of stems (And I mean a lot) you can use it as way to make butter pretty easily. 
    My advice would be tea, or save up for that. I find myself chewing on mine a lot of the times, but hey thats just me. 

    I wouldn't smoke them as is, but if you make some hash out of them go nuts. I've done it a few times, and it barely did anything.
  9. 2nd pic looks smokable. first doesn't tho...
  10. Lol fiendin..All these people saying make tea and qwiso have you guys ever even made it yourself? Op sorry but thats like .2 of some small stems and little shake, nowhere near enough to make anything useful, your best bet is to smoke it but warning:you will most likely get a headache with no high, i just throw stems out the window man
  11. All good, not sure why you're apologizing, I know it's hardly anything, I just started saving a couple weeks ago, not really sure why. And why would I smoke them? I don't feel like having migraines
  12. I've heard of a few chewing on their stems, but I don't understand how that could work. I know that when you smoke bud gets in your blood through your lungs, and when you eat an edible I assume it's somehow gets in your system through metabolizing, but how would just chewing on them work?
  13. Oh, I don't do it to get high, I just enjoy chewing on them. I've never noticed any high/buzz from it.
  14. I just grind them up with the bud for vaping...But big fishbones get tossed. And sometimes I chew on them too. It won't get you's just something to do with it. Like chewing on a pencil ain't going to make you into a writer. LOL
  15. I save stems for that moment when I'm "altered" and stems will actually do quite a bit because I have a low tolerance and I'm not smoking weed and I hadn't planned on getting high during the experience.... but oh...hey...I haz some stems and happily I can't a headache in certain mental places. Just has a funny taste, kinda cool but I would never even try that sober lol, mids give me a headache and don't get me high really. Stems would do absolutely nothing normally.
    I only keep stems from my current pick up...Then when it's gone I either save it until my next pick up or toss them. Or you can do edibles/qwiso like others have said.
    As far as the shake...I'd smoke that when you got a few bowls worth...feels like free weed lol.
  16. Tea made with stems does nothing for me. Tastes odd too. And smoking that shit will only give you a headache and like a heavy head feeling. Just throw them out man
  17. Are those two different bags? If they are then i would try both and see which one you like the most. (if you have enough)
  18. i smoked 2 stems like .7 in long. got this cool buzz feeling for a bit then it went to a mild headache
  19. I threw away a 5 gallon bucket of fan leaves last week. No way would I hang on to stems.

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