Stem of plants turning brown...HELP NEEDID

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xklipx, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    First off the plants are looking very nice as far as the leaves are concerned...there are slight signs of nute burn but that will be fixed soon. But the problem lies within the stem. The plants are roughly three weeks old and are growing very fast. The stem on a few of the taller ones are looking very week especially at the base of the stem where they are turning brown and look almost on the verge of death...but the leaves are looking strong and healthy as with the roots...sorry for not having any pics but is browning around the base of the stem normal in early developed plants, or is there a major problem here? Also, this is a drip feed hydro grow system under 18/6 flourescent.
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  2. im gonna say its normal growth and not on the verge of dying. the main stem coming out of the soil needs to be stronger to hold the plant so its just strengthening itself. is it starting to look a little more "wood-like"? itll go from the green to brownish as it gets bigger. thats my guess, though pictures could help.
  3. Yea, my friend touched the stems today and they seems sturdy...with the fans on though the plants are moving around quite a bit..even on low. There are 5 from bag seed and one unknown KB strain. The KB looks the sturdiest out of all of them. Thanks for the reply btw.

    On another note,my friend just noticed that mold seems to be building up around the base of the stem on the rockwool cubes. Is mold on medium usually white...because I herd that salt build up is also a possibility. If it is mold should my friend be worried? And what are some easy cost effective ways of getting rid of it?

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