~Stem less by LEAR!+ Talon ice pinch~

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    I recently sent payments for two purchases im really excited about!!
    The first one, which should be here by the end of the week, is an encalmo mini tube by LEAR:

    the next one is a nice ice pinch by talon off etsy and it should work well with the tube!!! ill have more pics and vids when i get them.:smoking:thanks!

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  2. Cool tube, haven't seen anything like it, and I like that bowl
  3. word,youre gonna love this shit,it rips like a champ,,peace LEAR thanks again bro
  4. good purchases, they look sweet!
  5. what kind of diffusion does it have? is there just slits all around the stemline?

  6. Im so stoked man, that baby is going to be my daily driver for awhile! thank you for your work man:smoking:

    its a "diffusion ball," it has 8 pierced holes all through out the circumference of the bulge. never tried anything like it, but ive been assured it rips! :p:bongin:

  7. respect man...always care about your customers
  8. sick tube man! looks like a good rip
  9. Is it like a shower head diffuser, in the tube?

    Looks sweet, I'm in the market for a new tube and you've got me drooling!

    Now I'm super jealous. I've been rolling joints for about a month now because of my situation, and I want a water-enhanced experience again. :( Beautiful bong.
  10. thats one of the most beautiful pieces i've ever seen in my life
  11. So nice. LEAR's stuff is amazing. I wish i had money :(
  12. def one of the sickest slides i've seen in some time
  13. Nice tube!! I'd live a LEAR piece soon. I was lookin at talon's stuff the other day too, looks like nice work can't wait for a review and a milk!!
  14. great looking tube. way to rep lear who is the man!
  15. That is one sexy bong. And that bowl... is pure beauty.
  16. how much was it?

  17. LEAR has been great through out the entire purchasing/ shipping process and i cant fucking wait to smoke this quality glass!! Im going to post a ton of milk vids once I get everything and maybe convince a few people out there to check out LEAR in the future, like how ods convinced me haha:hello:.

  18. hey man theres nothing wrong with perfecting your rolling skills and then moving on to bigger, better things when you have funds! haha thanks for the words man. :smoke:
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    PM me
  20. Nah, every smoker should know how to roll their own (incredibly useful skill), and it really doesn't take too much time (fun too!).

    I'm currently looking at a SWG that came into the headhsop...

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