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Stem Chewing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DamianIVXX, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Yay or nay? What myths have you heard about it?
  2. No, it will not get you high.
  3. My friend claims chewing them helps with paranoia. Also with the munchies.

    I think its a waste of thc. If you have a lot of stems make a single serving medible.
  4. I feel like ripping my face off every single time someone tells me they get you high.

    :mad:GTFO:mad: !
  5. [quote name='"JassyD"']My friend claims chewing them helps with paranoia. Also with the munchies.[/quote]

    That literally makes no sense

  6. ......qft
  7. make some tea with the stems.
  8. I do it sometimes just for the hell of it.

    Definitely does not get you high though.

  9. Fuck yeah


  10. Never said the paranoia part did...

    And actually the munchies part is true. But you would be better off with a piece of gum... or food.

  11. ...this isn't the coke forum man. Chill out.
  12. The THC and other cannabinoids need heat to release them.
    Maybe if you cooked the stems at 350 for 30 minutes, then ate 2 grams of them, you'd probably get a little buzz.
  13. Stems get me more stoned than Dank nugs.

    /troll off
  14. Really? Some people say they get a body buzz from munching on it. Ive tried it, felt a tiny bit different
  15. Placebo, my friend. :rolleyes:

  16. Placebo effect buddy.

    Ingesting the stems and the THC on those stems has no difference in your body unless you were to eat your weight in stems.. The THC doesn't activate correctly with the receptors in your body and etc etc. Gotta be heated to 185C before anything can take place.
  17. Ah thats shitty. Just wanted input from some knowledgable people. Gunna go smoke half this bud, peace.


  18. Lol that isn't true. If you ate enough stems you would get high. I have eaten an 8th of raw buds before. When i went to court in the morning i was still high.

    Eating them raw just isn't as effective. But it can get you high. And you would need a lot less then your bodyweight to do it.
  19. I think by the time you ate enough stems to equal an 8th of bud in terms of THC you would be puking violently. OP said chewing stems anyway

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