Steath drying and harvesting

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by youndbud, May 12, 2011.

  1. how should i go about getting my stuff from my gg site to my house. also i live with my parents so how should i dry it
  2. bump pls help
  3. and u expect 4 LBS? You need to dry your bud somewhere dry and indoors. IF you live with your parents then u need to figure this out cuz if you grow in their house they will smell it in minutes. you seriously need to do some more research and have a game plan before you go around telling people your gonna grow 4 pounds *lol*

  4. get some ona gel if you gotta dry it in your own house, or the CVS knock off, stuff is cheaper and works great

    as far as transportation, i would wait til night for sure and have it all in boxes, then put it in the trunk and drive the damn speed limit all the way home, if you smoke cigs, chain those fuckers to cover up the smell of the sticky icky in the back
  5. actually im growing outdoors
  6. I'm also going to be partaking in my first grow this summer, outdoor. I have 2 major concerns, drying in my parents house, and getting soil mix out to my spot through poison ivy and hell must pass in the dark.
  7. i do have a attic wich my parent never go in
  8. Make you parents Partners
  9. both my parents work for the dea jk but thats not an option
  10. In that case you can use it to dry your bud :)
  11. would it stink the house
  12. If your drying anything over an ounce and u dont have a big house or know how to manage the smell pretty much anyone could smell it.
  13. If it stinks where it is grown it will stink where you dry it
  14. im looking to be dryin a couple pounds do you think if i make some kind of dry box and put it in the attic which my peeps never go in at all that i can pull this off
  15. No someone would be able to smell pounds
  16. even if there its in the attic and it one of the stair cases that you have to pull down to walk up
  17. I have a feeling you're going to grow a gram for every year you've been alive. It can't be too hard to dry an eighth man.
  18. :D Im with gunner on this one lol.
  19. thats why harvested half a pound in my first indoor grow when i was 13
    i just asking for any stealth grow ideas no need to be a buster

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