Steaming hot bong water when you're sick

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  1. I have a cold and I just tried this and it feels sooo much better on your lungs. I recommend trying this!
  2. haha nice man, my smoke is hot enough as it is tho =(
  3. Well inhaling steam would make the smoke heavy and doing it while not sick would probably not be fun. And taking massive hits like that would probably be the opposite of how it worked for you (by my logic).

    But if it works, keep smokin.
  4. Yeah I find when my bongs been sitting in the sun on a good summer day, hitting it with hot water is just disgusting. What ever works for you tho man :) I guess i'll have to try next time im sick before I judge. I could see it being a good idea in the winter. :smoking::smoking: Keep ya warm, lol
  5. leave your bong sitting all day when it's not clean and it'll be funky no matter what :p some use hot water in the ashcatcher or main tube of the bong, while having ice up top. the theory is that the steam helps the hit to not be so dry, while the ice cools it back down. I think it just ends up condensing on the ice and dripping back down, but I don't know for sure. I don't really care for the feeling of the hot water anyways
  6. I wonder if putting tea in a bong would be good. It probably depends what kind, because some ingredients may be THC soluble, but good idea, amirite?
  7. Hot water is actually healthier for you. It removes more carcinogens and also adds moisture to the smoke so its easier on your throat.
  8. Yeah I guess if you want to throw up? Just because breathing in steam can help clear up your lung path, doesn't mean dirty bong water will do the same. That's the dumbest idea I've heard on here, really.
  9. Sounds placebo.
  10. i much rather take a warm bong water hit than a frozen cold one when im sick

    you guys are all crazy or something because warm water does make the smoke easier to inhale. big hits are not as good but small hits are way more comfortable
  11. You care to back up your misinformation?
  12. for real. steam will moisturize your lungs, which will definitely make the hit less harsh. try using warm-hot water, then put ice cubes in (whether you have ice notches or not)
  13. sounds like it might just break ur piece. maybe one or 2 but u dont want the temperature of the glass to change too quickly or itll crack

  14. thats why you buy quality glass that is made with pyrex. you know the shit that you cook with? you figure your flame touches your glass bowl which is a lot hotter than warm water?

    a roor will deff not break from warm water and an ice combo

  15. i love using hot water in bongs. when i was rockin' my trinity i used to put hot water in the A/C and beaker and ice up top and fill the percs with ice water, used to feel awesome, i may change my game plan in the future
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    Highest quality glass is made with borosilicate glass. You don't have to put the hot with the cold. Just fill the ashcatcher with hot, and if you want to chill the steam a bit you can put normal water in the tube.
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    no shit a roor wouldnt break from that but for all i know he could have the shittiest glass on earth and if he did i figured i'd let him know it could crack

    maybe you should see im trying to keep some noob smoker with their first bong from cracking it

    EDIT: no offence OP not tryin to diss a piece i aint even seen

  18. QFT

    Hot water with ice is one of the smoothest bong hits I've ever taken.
  19. Cause it's the dumbest fucking idea I've ever heard.

    What part of "breathing in dirty bong water vapor" comes off as 'Healthy' to you?

    You're right, the strongest scientific grade glass is made with borosilicate glass, it's called Pyrex. Thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass.

    LOL! Yeah that's right kids, cool the steam down so it can evaporate and turn into what? Air? Studys prove air is healthy!
  20. You respond 15 days later just to post like an ass? gtfo

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