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  1. Anyone order one? Any reviews comments? Email updates? Anything?
  2. Nobody has received this new vape? C'mon guys post a review, do it and your the first on the Internet to post a review. Check this out on pretty cool product
  3. Last I heard they were having difficulty getting them together/shipping them, and the couple reviews I have read seem to be negative. Check FC for the first review on the net, that I have seen anyway
  4. Yeah I'm following FC, a couple people seem to have gotten theirs on FC but one guy is waiting for batteries and a charger before reviewing. I wanna see a good YouTube vid haha
  5. Nobody has a review yet?
  6. I pre-ordered one and then cancelled the order when they couldn't get them out. I've given up on them until the product "matures" for a couple months or so after they finally ship the rest they've been holding.
  7. One FC member got their unit in the mail. It does not work and the company is not responding to him.

    Lets just let this vape settle into the depths of obscurity and move along...

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