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  1. Hi I have a couple questions, for you all, I'm trying to build a speaker that has a hidden back or compartment with a fake wall or hidden door. The speaker will work and be hooked up for extra stealth and dimensions are H 3ft L 2ft and 1.5 ft wide while the compartment is only going to be 6 to 8 inches deep. Now to get started

    1. Can I hook up a carbon filter to a pc fan as pictured or does it not have enough static pressure to work and I should go with the S and P td-100?

    2. Is it alright to exhaust the "bad air" through the floor if I made little legs for the speaker?

    3. Also what are some options to make the hidden door look real but have easy access to the grow area, (hidden door would be on side of speaker most likely).?

    Any and all input(help) on the situation is very much appreciated thank you.

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  2. 1. A PC won't have enough pressure to effectively utilize a carbon filter. The fan from grainger would work better.

    2. As long as you're venting the 'bad' air out of your grow box, it doesn't really matter which way it's coming out.

    3. That's all you. I'm sure you could just put hinges on the inside of the door, and get it to be concealable. That 100 CFM fan you posted a link to is another story. It's going to be noisy.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but what do you mean the fan will be noisy? I thought this model was a lot quieter then the other 4 in models, because the td-100 is the smallest they have?
  4. Is there an alternative fan I can use that will work with a carbon filter while still running quiet enough to be stealthy?

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