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  1. Firts of all i would like to say hi (im new here). anway, i am growing on a hill next to my house in california, i am germinating my seeds right now. i found somewhat of a desolate spot, but there still is a slight chance someone might notice my plants scattered around. i know about LST and topping, but i was wondering if there is anyway to make my plant really stealthy and not very noticable. anyone know a way?:confused:
  2. like you stated, bending your plants will not only increase your yield but also will make it look like a bush so, which is better for your spot, a wide bush or a christmas tree??
  3. i agree ^^^^^^^ with hippiedude...:wave:
  4. ok i guess, sounds good
  5. sorry to ask questions in your thread but what does anyone think the right height to start bendin your plants
  6. I'm not sure of the height but i have photo-instructions I can send you, shoot me a pm if you want them
  7. I start mine onc eit has 4 nodes.

    for stealth, you can also plant similar sized plants next to your MJ and/or clip some fake flowers to your plant.
  8. hahaha awesome idea. taping plastic rose flowers on to the branches. funny :D
  9. seriously bro, if you have a Michael's store or some other craft place, buy some cool looking flowers or tropical flowers and use some wire to secure them to the branches - you'd never guess it's MJ. My buddy also clips off the sides of the fan leaves so they all have 3 "fingers" and it makes it even less recognizeable. His mom came over with a freind of hers and her friend was going around looking at his garden and asked him what kind of plant it was. He siad, I'm not sure, but it sort of reminds me of what marijuana looks like so I bought it. LOL.
  10. thats a cool idea, i never thought about clipping the leaves
  11. fimming works too, it helps make that bush shape.
  12. I tie mine down once they get about 3´ tall, just use a bit of garden twine tied to a brick. And it does improve yield, each branch tries to act like a main cola.

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