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  1. I used a Sneak-a-Smoke pipe and thought it was pretty crappy (just my opinion), so I made a list of good to fair to poor ratings of stealth pipes to give you a main gist of what should and should not be bought.


    I had encountered a short smoking device that had a rubber mouthpeice attached to a metal tube. My friend screwed off a cap at the end and inserted weed into the wide metal tube and screwed it back on and lit it through a hole on the cap. At my turn which I got deuces, it immediately burned my thumb once I lit it. I wouldn't advise buying something that can burn a thumb. On the other hand it is very small and compact and could virtually fit anywhere. Poor Buy.

    2.Highlighter pipe

    If I had to buy a stealth pipe I would probably buy this. It won't burn an appendage and is very concealed. All you need to do is take off the end and out pops a metal pipe connected to it. Very useful in tight situations. Good Buy!

    3. Cigarette pipe
    This one also comes in handy. If you want to smoke just one or two hits, this is perfect. Just stuff your herb into the end concaved bowl. And smoke in an almost or totally deserted area. Without getting caught. Good Buy!

    4. Brass tool pipe

    They make pipes that you can easily screw apart and back together that are good buys like this pipe or the spark plug pipe. Perfect in every way. Just dont lose the peices. So if you are very clumsy or able to lose tiny things I wouldn't reccomend pipes that you take apart. Fair Buy!

    Post your thoughts and comments please. :wave:
  2. Just ordered the brass tool pipe last night
  3. you should include a little higher end as well with solo-pipes and wickie pipes included. For a bit of money, these are the best on the go, concealable pieces there are.

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