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  1. Okay, so I'm contemplating starting a grow, but it would have to be small, and I'm not looking for any huge yield. Just a bit of fun, and a bit of smoke! Anyways, is it possible to grow an indoor seed in a PC grow box? I've seen many threads about it, but I can never tell if they did the FULL GROW in the pc. Would the plant not get too large to fit in the PC? If it'll fit, and yield even an ounce, I'll do it.

    Any help?
  2. im pretty sure plants get like 3+ feet and thats bigger then my monster comp box. and even low rdyers get like 2 feet i think.
  3. [​IMG]

    I found this picture for you. I would only grow low ryders in a pc case all the best there.
  4. Yeah, I saw that, I could build that easily lol, they want about 500 for that. But, you guys think it is possible to grow a plant, and get yield, through a pc growbox?
  5. some strains grow from like 25 - 40cm (i think its called hindu kush i could be very wrong) so that strain would work well in a pc grow box, allthough i hate pc grow box's.
  6. Go with an Auto AK47 from Dr. Chronic...

    10 weeks from seed to harvest...

    I have heard that the bud is good too...
  7. im actually pretty sure you can use most strains and force it into flowering with a 12/12 light cycle? just veg it to half the height you want it to be when finishing and then flip it.. the plant will start to produce buds and in time will double in size, but do be careful because some strains may get a lot bigger than jsut double thier size... and whether that's enough time to veg a plant is questionable.. just a thought
  8. you would need to use wires to train the stems into the correct position. (like with bonzai plants)

    and you would need to use cool-white flourescent tubes to keep the temperature down in such a small space.

    try getting an old server case?
    or try using an old speaker case.
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    Just start with 12/12 or have a very short veg time. Keep the growing medium in a small container. A plant will only get as big as the space its roots will fir in. If they start to look rootbound, just repot in the same container and put some fresh soil in (if your using soil) Make sure you trim/top, it focuses the plants growth away from its roots. Ive done it before in a pc case, but i only got 20 grams off one plant. Now im using 4 foot tall speaker cases. Working great so far. Good luck with the grow
  10. or you could grow it in a bag rather than a pot or solid container.
    that way u can get much more soil into the space by squashing the bag into the corners and sides.
    u would have to have it on a try though and remember to make holes in the bottom for the water.etc.
  11. There are many successful pc grows. Check here .
    As well, I've decided to attempt one. Pretty much for fun, but for a nice smoke as well.

    Only difference is I'm going to try and put it into a working computer. Full tower case. One plant. Ive got a general idea of how I'm going to have to modify my tower and I'm pretty sure it can work out. Especially one or two plants using 12/12.

    I'm a little worried about the plants effecting my computer though. I'm wondering if i might need to create a barrier between the parts and the plants. Any suggestions?
  12. PC grows are 100 percent viable!

    however, you need to use a 24" server case or be really good at scrog or LST to use an 18"" case.

    also, it must be completely gutted, or you will have no space, and the temps are way to high in a functioning pc

    additionally, dont use a small hps bulb like the item you picutred, as thats also to much heat, i suggest a bunch of cfls.

    and i use a horizontal planter box with soil rather than hydro, just personal preference, as it isnt hard enough growing in a pc lol.

    let us know how it goes!
  13. anyone willing to sell the pc box pm me

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