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  1. hey guys whats up, first post in the forums. I'm planning on doing a pc stealth grow with cfls. The only problem is i dont have the side cover of the computer. Does anyone have suggestions what i could cover it up with so it is not noticeable?
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    Thats pretty salty... :confused_2:

    What about trying to find another of the same tower and replacing it?? Or puting the side with out the cover against the wall?? I think that would look skeetchy though...

    HMMMM.... smoke break :bongin:....

    I'll let you know if a get one of m genius ideas :devious: :D

  3. Sounds like you shouldn't be attempting a stealth grow.
  4. Thanks for the input guys i was going for pc? I'll try to look for a cover, but may go rubbermaid tub ? any thoughts or suggestions for 4-6 plants
  5. theres just no way your fitting 4-6 plants in a pc case and expect for them to be flowering beauties. your going to need a bit bigger area. now yes you could make a stealth pc case and germinate seeds and veg for a couple weeks, but thats about all. Your going to have to come up with a bigger area for your 4-6 plant plans.

  6. Thanks for the info, will veg in computer case and flower in larger tubs later.
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    LOL-> :hello:Muzikman... Be nice now...

    You can get away with 2 in a case!! But to say 3 is honestly pushing it...
    Rubbermaids wnt cut it for flower because you need more vert space... Just keep that in mind!
  8. Ive had experience germinating and beginning veg in a pc case, it works really well if made right. so you shouldnt have a problem there.

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