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  1. Let me present myself. I am a student, and live in an environment were stealth is needed. I built my growing cabinet and placed it in a closet. it is 2x1.5 and 5 feet height. This said it is seperated into two chambers a two feet high for vegging under a 3 feet high for flowering.
    I researched a lot on sog growing and decided to adventure down that path. I have ordered maui wowie seeds of attitude and will be recieved shortly.
    I will keep this journal updated.
  2. The seeds are germinated after 24 hours in dark water, now they are in my small green house waiting to grow .. As soon as the seeds start growing i will update with pictures
  3. its been a couple of days still waiting for the seeds to grow in the green house. Other then that im just missing two circualation fans and im good
  4. I seem to have not well done my germination because after 2 weeks nithing showed up im the jiffy pallets. I just planted a new seed in my soil mix and see what happens. I also transfered the old seeds to see if they will come back to life
  5. I keep watering i.planted in 3.5 inch cups that i can put the soil and it will desolve. Im still.impatient to get results hopefully il be able to harvest befor summer
  6. The last seed i planted in soil dirrctly without germing befor just popped and its hardly been 2 days im supper excited
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    This is the plant as of about 1 weed
  8. yesturday the plant was about twice the size of the ones on the pictures. I will soon take her out of the humidity box and place her under a cfl on the side. In about how many weeks can i takr my first trimming to clone?
  9. Trabsplanting her tonight, to big for my humidity dome
  10. transplanted last night and this is what i got



  11. Gave the first dose of nuts yesturday and putting bat guano around the stem every once in a while. The plant is looking great, just aint sure because the stem is a bit purpleish.


  12. I think i over fertalized the leafs are all curled up for 3 days. i took soil from thr top off and put fresh soil back to take some fertalizer off. i also restarted to feed plain water and give it a chance to recover. i notice my perlite turning a bit yellowish is this normal?
  13. these are the pictures as of today

  14. Hey man, not a bad start i was also thinking of doing the same thing with my small walk in cupboard having the bottom part for germinating/seedlings and having the top part for flowering but one thing that poped into my head was when the plants go into flowing and need 12/12 the lights at the bottom half will still be on so im gonna have to figure out a way to block off light from the bottom, if this makes sence aha but yeh hopefully your babys will pick up a bit after some water! nice going man keep it updated, good luck!
  15. Thanks man, i have been slacking off with my journal and the gardening but with the more funds i bought a thermometer and a ph test. to make me discover my provlems were probably cause by a nutrient lockout because my ph was so low. Im bringing that up and took my first clone today. Lets hope it roots
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    These are the most uptodate pictures i took this morning
  17. Bump. This journal deserves some attention
  18. Got two clones. first one about 4 days ago and think its starting to root. the second one was takrn this morning. Grow ia goimg good. still have a low pH but fixing it slowly. Cant wait to finally flower, and test my first grow
  19. One of the clones didnt root, but i just cut off two more. So i have one which has very nicly rooted and two brand new from today. I also purchased all of green golds product line. The guy at the hydro store told me it was his favorite line of products and they are all organic.




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