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    this is my first grow, was trying for full size, fucked up, decided not to trash them :rolleyes: they are under 90 watts of cfl, one is topped, they are a little over two months old(a month into budding). they are just a little over the size of two bic lighter on top of each other. They have been in the styrofoam cups thier entire lives. the leaves have been turning yellow lately with brown spots, i think its because it is is getting to hot in the box, what else might it be?

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  2. Im new, but Im pretty sure I know whats worng:

    Curled edges and wrinkled leaves means overing fertilizing

    Wirlinkled/Brown spotted top leaves means Light Burn.
  3. they need bigger pots.
  4. They definitely need BIGGER POTS! Much bigger! 5 gallon buckets work great. Good luck :wave:
  5. Now that I know what I know now. JESUS Christ, you need bigger pots. Then check for light burn and over fertilization.
  6. No, they don't need bigger pots. Some marijuana plants can flower perfectly in 16 oz cups. As long as you have a NON SEE THROUGH cup, 16 oz or more, it'll be fine.

    Leaves turn yellow as a result of nature. Your plants are a month into flowering, it's a GOOD THING for leaves to start to yellow off and die. This means that the plants energy is being used for flowers, not vegetation.

    You want this to be a micro grow, and that's fine. You chose the right thing to do by planting them in cups, rather than large pots. a 3-5 gallon pot will make your plants 3 feet tall or more at flowering. you don't want this. You specifically said you wanted this to be a micro grow.

    16 oz Opaque Cups are perfect. you'll get a small plant, small yield, good for shelves, and great for people with no space, and in studio apartments.

    Your plants should be fine. Give them the right amount of fertilizer, and water, keep the humidity down, and keep the temperature at the right level. you should be fine. Your plants know that they are in a small cup. This is why they are so small. Micro grow is looking good, keep it up.

    EDIT: To help the flowers get more energy due to the lack of a diverse root system, prune all of the useless fan leaves and bottom branches, like you did on the one plant.
  7. I have to say those are the cutest little things i've ever seen, lol. :p

    You definatly dont need 5 gallon pots for those tiny things, maybe like 1 gallon if that. Since they are a month into flowering they probably wont get much bigger. It maybe they need bigger pots or to much fert or to much heat...

    But come on ppl that said he needs 5 gallon pots for those things, use your head silly!

  8. Yeah, I don't know why people said 5 gallon pots. They must have assumed that he wanted his plants to get 5 feet tall. I don't know why anyone would assume this because it's a MICRO Grow. Plants in micro grows shouldnt get more then 2 foot tall. It ruins the point of a micro grow....
  9. yea

    you can keep the cup but if they roots bind you can just prune the plant.

    thats what im doin for my micro grow.
  10. I'd recommend getting them in something bigger then just a cup. I dont see how pruning the plant stops it from being root bound?

  11. It doesnt.. Pruning the whole bottom of the plant is the best thing to do when the plant hits flowering mode. Why move it into something bigger? That ruins the point of a micro grow. He's not trying to get 2390582359028905380923580928359021840928340938490 pounds of dank bud. It's a micro grow. All you can expect is less than an ounce. Pruning FURTHER ASSISTS the plant. So roots nutrients arent used on leaves.

    Lemme ask you something: Do you smoke leaves?

    Hopefully the answer to that question is no. So, instead of moving the plant to a bigger pot and risk it being too big, it's best to prune it and make BEST USE of all availible roots.
  12. I know its a micro grow and all that, but if it gets root bound it will stop growing period. Im not saying move it into some big ass pot or anything. Just maybe like a 1/2 gallon pot. I agree with cutting all the bottom stuff off so the plant focuses on the top bud, but if its root bound then no amount of pruning will make the buds grow. Being root bound stops everyting not just the height. Since he is doing a micro grow then most likely he will want to produce as much as he can in the smallest amount of space, if he just lets it stay root bound to keep it small then he is sacraficing potential bud and what bud he does get will be alot less potent then it could be. So we are not just talking about less bud but also less potent bud...
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    problems i see:
    over fert
    small pots

    if i were you, I would transplant that into a bigger pot, you aren't going to get any bud out of that if you keep it the way it is. you will end up with plants that will not grow even if you top it because the plant doesn't have any more root space to grow.

    you will be lucky to get 10 grams for the 2 months you put in. simply put, you might as well go buy some weed because you are just wasting time and money by growing in small cups.
  14. No more than 2 ft tall? His plant is like 7-9"!
  15. exactly my point. He has been growing this for 2 months and its like 7 inches. that plant was stunted on day 10 of his grow.
  16. You dont make plants root bound to keep them small, you make the vegg time shorter or start flowering from the start to keep them small. Or Lst and all that...
  17. You can prune roots to keep the plant short though, like they do with bonsai moms.
  18. Fat, thats out of my league. I wouldnt touch the roots personally but thats from lack of experience.

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