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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rnc3147, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I am considering starting my first grow (complete beginner, i have only smoked buds for the past few years) and i have a few questions. I was considering buying a StealthHydroponics Kit
    And was wondering if it is a worthwhile investment.

    With the kit i wanted (link above), I was wondering if there would be enough room for six plants. Which brings me to my next question.

    I am looking for a short strain with a good yield and a nice high. A few strains that caught my eye were Top44, Big Bud, and Lowrider 2. They all seemed relatively short with good yields. If anyone has any suggestions as to which strain would be the best for me, please hit me up with your suggestions, it's appreciated.
  2. i bought the bubbleponics + dual spectrum kit and now that i understand how it works and what it's issures are i won't be using it again for growing weed. cups are too close together, weed crowds when plants are 8" tall, irrigation hub clogs, roots get tangled up with each other, the 6gal reservoir with the planters attached is a pain in the but to lift, drain, maintain.

    build the bubble buckets, you'll get nearly all of the benefits and many fewer problems...

    my next hydro grow will definitely be bubble buckets.

    the CFL bulbs sold by stealth hydro are top notch though. lots and lots of lumens produced by those babies. you can buy those round reflectors that come with the cheaper kits at walmart for less than $10/ea. i wanted one of the combo reflectors that holds 3 bulbs, but they're dang expensive.

    the reservoir is a sterlite tub from walmart. the net cups come from some other online hydroponic shop. the water pump and air pump can be found with the aquarium supplies anywhere. can get plastic tubing from lowe's for bubble stone and irrigation tubes. the irrigation hub that splits the stream from the water pump to the six cups can probably be found on any of a number of drip irrigation part suppliers, or for $10 from stealth hydro. the hydroton or rockwool are pretty specific to hydroponic horticulture, so you'll probably have to find a grow shop or a hydro store online for those. i didn't have a good experience growing mary jane with stealth hydro's provided fertilizers. i have liked the general hydroponics flora nutrients much better.

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