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  1. They're around a month and 4 days old, considering today first day of flowering... Started at 14/10, then 13/11, today put on 12/12 and 2700k bulbs. They started flowering even when it was 14/10. 2 Aurora Indica, LST, both in one yogurt container with a divider. Theyre in half a divided rubbermaid



  2. Nice DOG, little nute burn tho
  3. I repotted them with good soil mixed with a crap load of perlite and I've been training them pretty hard.. this pic was from a couple days ago
  4. Omg legend of zelda majoras mask! :)
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    I'm gona attempt a guerilla grow this summer so I'm sprouting a bunch more.. I made another smaller box with one 33W cfl, this one is a little full lol. I'm germing 10 more and putting them in the smaller one as soon as they pop, and I ordered 10 bubblicious... Hopefully I should have a good summer

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  6. I think its about 2-3 weeks til theyre done, I used a better camera this time.



  7. So I went on a little vacation to nova scotia for 4 days and they were definitely missing some water... half the buds on one of them were completely dried and dead, so I pruned everything off except for the alive parts. Now I'm vaping that dried dead premature bud and I'm having trouble staying awake. This stuff is like knocking me out, it's.. amazing. I watered with nutes so one more week -ish for the rest, can't wait.
  8. Careful watering with nutes so late in the game. You'll want to flush those out asap, otherwise the bud will be produce some harsh smoke.

    EDIT: But really nice grow overall :^D
  9. Thanks for the heads up I didn't know that
  10. No problem! This is the stage where people like to flush out (meaning 2-3 times as much water as the container holds) the plants and then water with only 1 tablespoon of molasses mixed in with a gallon of water. Gives the plants a natural shot of healthy nutes, and helps the buds plump up. Good luck, and let us know the yields when you dry them!
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    Skip the molasses, molasses helps uptake nutes... That's not what u want, u want the plant to use the energy it has stored in an all out assault of bud production... Besides if it's a nute taste ur worried about, molasses adds a heavy smokey taste and covers up the tang and fruitiness of the bud. It's the sugar in molasses that helps uptake nutes if u feel like u really need to add something use honey but I wouldn't even do that. Water plain and simple.
  12. K so the one that dried out the most didn't make it, now I have about 2 grams of premature dried out bud, I repotted the healthier one, took out the divider so now it's alone in that container with a little more space. And I flipped the plant over so the part that was facing up, is now facing down; the side of the plant that never got direct light is now on top. So repotted and flipped, maybe two more weeks this baby should do nicely.. will post pics soon
  13. What size rubbermade are you useing
  14. Just like a regular rubbermaid storage bin

    It's like 1 1/2' x 2 1/2' x 1 1/2'
  15. Can how did u make it i was thinking of
    Doing something similar to put in my basement
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    With most micros ur gonna have a passive intake, If Ur doin it in a basement make sure u get some kind of a filter on the intake to make sure u don't get mold spores into ur box that might mean powering a charcoal into it lol just thought I would throw that out there
  17. all you need is a couple computer fans, dc adapters like a phone charger or something stronger, power bar, some wall plug to light socket adapters and some cfls. the hardest part is keeping it cool so put the outtake fans at the top near the lights and the intake at the bottom

    it wasnt hard to build at all, after this plant is done im probly gonna spray paint the entire inside white and use the entire chamber instead of half
  18. Do you have the rubbermaid standing up on its side
  19. no, its upright? I have divider made out of cardboard

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