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  1. im new to these forums so id like to start by saying whats up to everyone. im trying to grow maybe 2-4 plants for myself and wana keep it as low key as possible due to roomates. i use to read the forums a couple years ago and am pretty familiar with how to grow it as far as veg state, flowering, soil, fertilizer, etc...i havent looked into lights and what are good lights to use now a days. im looking for a whole growbox layout(wood dimensions, lights, setup) something i can put in my closet that wont be noticed. my main concern is ventalation and smell, what is the best design for a private small grow with minimal expense and minimal smell? any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou
  2. You will need to start by plotting the space by measuring, and figure out how you are going to vent that space. You need to figure out how big you want the box to be, and then relook at your ventilation choice and see if it will work out. Lots of trial and error. Hard to make stealth when you have roommates. What stops them from snooping when you are not there? Small means you must have really good ventilation for obviuos reasons. Most likely you will want to do a CFL grow.
    My advice is to read more on here as far as design. And to quote myself "find something that is similar to what you are looking for, and say "i want that", then we can do some homework and figure some stuff out for you. Read the design forum up and down.
  3. ya i was just looking over smokeitdowns grow on the sticky and thats almost perfect. whats a good odor neutralizer? not sure about the yields and strength of light hes using but i like the setup
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    Haha hey, thanks man. I appreciate the compliment. It's my first time.. I'm a grow virgin. :smoking: Although I don't know what sticky you're talking about but oh well.

    Anyway as for lighting in my box, I'm running a 208W setup for one plant... which is more than enough. At 13000 Lumen, its not the best for my square footage, but will do for the early stages. I'm thinking about running 2 more bulbs on each of the 3 interior walls later on but for now, I have (8) 26w GE CFL's. They save you a lot in your wallet, in energy bill costs, and actual cost of the bulbs. (About $7 for a 2 pack of daylight 26W, and $6 per bulb for my 47w flowering CFL's) :D

    While the yield with HPS setups is typically higher, the costs are also a lot higher. The cost of bulbs/ ballast/ light setup, then you need to pay for things to regulate the temps more because HPS puts off a fuckton of heat unless you have the proper intake/exhaust setup. This is not to mention the jump in your electrical bill.

    As for an odor control, keep a lookout on my thread, I'll be doing a cheap one sometime soon, as mine is going to start to smell soon. But you can use the search function, and find a LOT of odor control techniques.

    Hope that helps you somewhat.

    If you're looking for something to pick ideas from, look in Don Piano's CGE setup... It's in this same subforum. His setup is the best I've seen for a grow box hands down, and I got a lot of ideas from his.
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  6. Yeah, I plan on doing 2-3 plants in a few months once I'm done with this test grow. But for a test it's coming along pretty well so far.

    You can run 2-3 plants in a space like mine, just one thing I would recommend is to make a frame out of 2x4's then cover it in plywood, my frame was a tad bit weak thats why I had to add the brackets at the top of my box
  7. whats the average wattage needed per plant in veg and flowering states?
  8. 100+ for one plant
    anywhere between 50-100 more for every other plant
  9. during veg and flowering? i was thinkin 3, 26watt cfl lights for veg and 5, 47watt cfl for flowering. writing all this stuff down now so i can have a list to go on for when i go to buy everything
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    Go to wal mart. you can get 2 bulb packs of 26w daylight cfl, MAKE SURE ITS DAYLIGHT. Get 3 packs of these. aim for at least 4 of them, if not more. Trust me you'll appreciate it later on... Light is one of the most important parts of the grow. It's always good to have extra bulbs around too just in case one blows.

    For flower try to get about 80-100w of a soft white CFL.. I got 132w of soft white CFL and I'm going to get 2 more bulbs to bring it over 200w.. No matter where you read you will never hear ANYONE say more light is not better
  11. are you talking about 26watt cfl as an equivalent? cuz i know the ge is like 26watts but i think 80-100 equivalent....because you say 26watt for veg and 105 for flowering, do you mean 105 equivalent and 26 equivalent?
  12. no. We mean 100real watts+
    The 42 watt units at walmart are the 150equiv. 3 per plant will make for fine lumens. Or the more efficent way to get mor lumens per watt, use 6 26watt 2700k cfls

    Id recommend using a minimum of 2-3 26watt daylight 6500ks per plant for veg.

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