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  1. well not so much stealth any more with all of the fan holes, but still quiet and compact...
    plants after two weeks (left) and three weeks (right) of growth

    they're in 9 inch pots right now, i'm starting LST on the oldest and ferts on them both this week
    I've only got about 12" of vertical space right now, but this keeps the lights nice and close...

    i'm thinking that i could sit the box on an end i can have up to 36 " vertical space later on..
    but only room for one bigger pot on the floor of the box... what to do....?

    will keeping them both in 9 inch pots stunt em?

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  2. what kind oflights are u using?

    they look fine for now but u will have to get bigger with pots as they do:smoking:
  3. i've got twelve 13W cfls going right now. i was thinking i might swap in some 23Watts with some red in them come flower time
  4. thought that i'd post of some pics of my plants now that they're getting older :)

    i've been going with 50% fertilizer strength, and transplanted both plants up to bigger pots last week.

    I think i cooked em a bit last night, i had put together some air filters but it seems that they limited the air flow too much. Temps spiked i i think the damage showing on the plants is a result of that. i guess its back to the drawing board on air filters

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  5. plants are moving along nice and quick now, got some ph issues sorted out and things seem to have picked up

    LST is certainly helping , i've got around 7 coronas on each plant now. I'm running into some vertical height problems, some of the fan leaves on the big plant have gotten a little singed. think i'm going to have to flip the box up right come flower time.... will the buds develop ok if the lights are beside (rather then above) the plants?


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