Stealth cfl box to be. Any advice?

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  1. This is it so far, slapped together temporarily to give some outdoor plants that aren't going so great a bit more light. Excuse the crappy phone pics!



    The inside will be caulked and painted flat white, new silent fan (old one I had laying around in there atm, hard to sleep in the same room!) mounted inside on 90 deg. elbow and flange(wont be using this box for flowering but it lights the bedroom up to much at night) , 4 more batten holders mounted on timber squares and backed with velcro so I can raise/lower them individually as needed, frame for the door to close against/stop some light escaping, and put some hinges and a lock on the door.

    For now it't nowhere near airtight obviously so plenty of air being pulled in the cracks by the exhuast fan, once it's all sealed up it will have an intake hole in the bottom left corner.

    I did have a second fan hooked up just blowing around inside to help circulation but the only power pack I have atm doesn't have enough guts to power both and they were running really slow sounhooked the second one.
    What kind of power supply does everyone use for pc fans? This seems to have been left out of every description I've read so far. I have an old computer psu but that seems way overkill and would imagine it would be using some sort of power on its own.

    Any input or tips would be great.

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