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    Whats the best way to eliminate any smell coming from the plants?

    Unfortunately, i still live with my parents, but I want to grow 1 or 2 plants. I'm tired of paying street prices for bud, and I'm interesting in trying a grow. My parents know I smoke, but realize they can't really stop me. I got a vape, and I'm pretty sure they know that I vape in my room all the time. They definitely don't want me growing though. I think they think that if I grow I'll be selling too, and they have a much bigger issue with me selling then with me smoking.

    Basically, are grow boxes good enough that I won't have to worry about my parents smelling the plants? Or is it a bad idea to try any kind of stealth grow while living with my parents?

    EDIT: if it makes a difference, the box'll be in my closet. My parents don't snoop around my room, and they never have ANY reason to go into my closet. I don't think I have to worry about the box being found, only the smell.
  2. Sorry, but you should not grow in your parents' house, and for that reason we can't help you. It is disrespectful to your parents, you will not get away with it, and potentially you put them at risk of losing their house.

    Growing MJ requires that you have the right situation and conditions. First and foremost you need a secure place to grow, which you don't have. Ideally that would be your own place, but if not then you need for everyone living in that place to know about and explicitly consent to your growing before you try to do so.
  3. since you live with rents and upnorth i would suggest you to get some quik flowering beans and gorrila grow those outdoors
  4. We still have cities up here in Canada. There is no place to grow around where I live that wouldn't get found ridiculously fast.

    Toastybiz, The reason they don't want me growing is because they don't want me selling. I won't be selling, this'll be solely for personal use. They don't seem to understand that I will not be selling any of this. I honestly do not see why you care. My question has nothing to do with how my parents would react, what risk it is to me/them, etc. I simply want to know how to eliminate pretty much 100% of the smell.
  5. I care because I will not help you or anyone else go behind their parents' back under their roof. It's not just me, I'm sure you'll hear from others that this pretty much is a standard part of the MJ growers' mantra.

    Come clean with them and get permission, or don't grow in their house, pretty straightforward choice.
  6. Come clean with them? They know I smoke. They know I want to grow, they don't want my growing because they think i'll be selling then... which I won't.
  7. Well its apparent that they don't want you growing indoors so you might as well cross that off the list until you can get your own place. Its not worth investing the time and money into a grow which wont be completed and will probably get you kicked out.

    If you must grow, keep it outdoors. Off your parents property. Away from anyone else's property. And keep it stealth. Good luck.

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