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  1. here is my current set up and what i am planning on using once i get it altered. (see photos)
    i currently have 3 plants under 2 135w cfl @ 2k lumens/65kccr.
    1 has taken off great and the other 2 are slightly behind.
    i am planning on using an antique dresser as the cabinet as the plants are currently in a closet and i have kids that like to nose around. any suggestions on placement/etc.?

    the bottom 3 drawers of the dresser will have the backs and floors removed. (making room for the lights and plants) the face and side will remain to retain the dresser facade. i can still use the top 2 small drawers for whatever. since the cfl lights don't emit a lot of radiant heat, i'm assuming that there should be no problem with them and the plants in what averages out to 27.5"h x 29.5"w x 16.75"d.
    i could take out the top drawer and add about 6.5"h to the set up.
    what would be a good suggestion for fans and would these lights suffice in the event i can't implement any typ of hid set up?

    thanks for any advice.

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  2. oh man, you would have been better off selling that dresser and buying a bunch of decent equipment :)
  3. agree ^ - that is a fkin tastless cabinet m8!
    1 ugly piece of fkin woodwork! :D
    Thank fk they don't make em like that now!

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