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  1. Have you ever stolen or ripped someones weed off?
  2. umm, no. only a fucking asshole would do that

    maybe you should rephrase:

    Have you ever gotten your weed stolen or ripped off?

    There we go.
  3. I know, i don\'t mean to like glorify that but some may have done it. There are plenty of stories of getting curious.
  4. no, stealing is bad...especially weed
  5. Seventh fucking grade man. Weed in my backpack. Some of my friends thought it would be funny to rip off my weed and tell me they saw a bunch of teachers huddled around my backpack in the hallway. The assholes didn\'t even give that shit back and I didn\'t find out it was them till three months later. I made em\' pay me back tho and shit was straight but goddamn I was pissed
  6. i have stolen an 1/8th of dank shit from a rival highschool\'s beach house. its tradition to steal from and fight each school. i think my theft was pretty high on the list...cuz i made it all the way into a back room.
  7. my friend used to sell like .2 grams to someone for like $25. no joke. someone finally made him stop, though. he did it like 2 times.
  8. now thats a rip off :hello:

    PS Im lovin your rep, but im in the lead :laughing:
  9. too bad cheachea is \"in the lead\", smart guy.
  10. I\'ve BEEN with people while THEY were jacking weed, looking back though that was gay and I should have stuck up for the person who was getting jacked for his 1/2 ounce.
  11. that shit is fucking i never did and never will...............right now i owe a dude 35 bucks but i have every intention of paying him come payday..........u cant be doing that shit if you want people to front you shit................that is very, very wrong..........i will not have any part of it....................................................................................well, if someone else had stolen weed i would smoke it........but i would not steal weed....hahaha:smoke:
  12. .....................................
  13. that shit is low man
  14. An asshole i considered a friend stole 1/4 of some pretty good shit from me, then he stole 3 ounces from one of the biggest dealers in town and also jacked my friend of £60 before leaving town. To say the least, we weren\'t happy, never got the weed or any money back.
  15. I had been doing business with a guy for a while and i thought we were cool, so i had fronted him cash for a halfoz, and that night he got \"arrested\". I finally got in touch with him after a month and he said he\'d get me the weed next weekend. Long story short i never got the weed. That was my lesson in fronting shit. I don\'t even do it with my trusted friends i\'ve known for years.

  16. ditto. always someone cool that you think you can trust, and then BAM!! They turn into a shady little, i\'ve never stolen, but i\'ve been known to have busted a few windshields in my prime :D taught that fucker
  17. ive pinched many a bag

    edit-In the case of ME being ripped off, Its only been done once, and what a god damned mistake I made to allow it to happen. And that person was a fellow blade i trusted
  18. I have gotten hundreds and thousands of dollars ripped off, just because I have this thing that sees only the good in people. I want to trust people... I want to believe that people have some kind of honour. Obviously I\'ve been wrong and I like to see all the money I\'ve lost as a lesson learned... 99% of people can\'t be trusted, the other 1% are just lazy.

    I\'m so sick of everyone taking advantage of my generosity, I share every last thing with every person I come in contact with and give away everything I can afford to give and let anyone borrow whatever they don\'t have and need... but that\'s over.

    Fuck people.
  19. I feel very similiarly to you, emrandel.
  20. I accidently took a coupel grams from a freind , he had it in a film case that we were using to break up the weed and we were stoned and i thought my other buddies weed was still in there but we smoked it , I paid him back 20$ so it was all good.
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