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Stealing Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I live with my bro and he always has bud. Everyday. He will always take something from me, use my stuff.. Im always helping him out and get nothing in return. So, i feel its ok to pinch some bud from him once in a while. How wrong am I? Its not alot that Im taking.. no more than a gram if that. But I do feel wrong about it, no matter how fucked up he is to me, or how many times hes taken my shit. So is this very wrong, or am I ok?
  2. Treat others how you want to be treated.

    If you feel really bad about it, stop. But the above quote is true as fuck.
  3. A thief is a thief man.
  4. Sparkin knows whats up
  5. Up in new zealand its called 'taxing' every body here does it with other peoples stashes. im not saying its ok just letting you know your not the only person out there doing it. But if you have a problem you should talk to him or keep up your 'taxing'. but if you get caught. he may not trust you anymore

    your choice bro.
  6. boy you get SHOT fo dat in my hood.
  7. I agree with Ramones1234. The 2 things that still matter in this world are trust and respect. They may not be what they used to be, but you only got one shot. Don't fuck it up by stealing someone's shit. Have an honest discussion with them. Then if they're still taking advantage of you, it's time to consider security.

    EDIT: And hash browns has a point too. Some people will seriously fuck you up for shit like that.
  8. Man you aussies crack me up haha. maybe im beached es bro!!!

    [ame=]YouTube - Beached Whale[/ame]

  9. just a quick thing... hes from Melbourne Florida not like Melbourne Australia... but yer we also call it taxing down our way... but ive never had it happen to me and id never do it to someone else... thats the way i am.. honestly just chat it out with ur bro :)
  10. If hes taking stuff from you take some weed from him, eye for an eye
  11. Sounds like you got a place to live bro.

    Maybe you feel bad because you know its wrong. Have you tried asking him to blaze a bowl with you or something?
  12. Smoke your brother.
    roll him up in a fat blanket
    light that shit
    and get baked.
    that'll teach him
  13. This is why I keep my stash locked up in the safe. And I'm the only one who has the combination. I leave a jar out with a bunch of weed for me and my girl and she can have anything in the jar, even the whole jar if she wants, thats the deal. She has NEVER even taken bud without asking.
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  14. why steal from your family man,and as stated before a thief is a thief,and no one can trust a thief

    you should talk to him and be a man about it
  15. Why not just ahve him smoke with you? I smoke with my brother all the time
  16. Why not ask him for some? Tell him how much he owes you.
  17. I don't "steal" weed, but if I'm trafficking, I demand a "handler's fee". It's not much. I'll take a bud and a half, and let you have the rest. It's either that or charge you $65 for an 8th. Considering I originally bought it for myself, I think it's a fair deal.
  18. lol just do it, if he took weed from u before, eye for an eye
  19. why not just smoke w/ him?

  20. Take the weed as a self thankyou for helping your bro. I used to pinch weed all the time when i felt like i wasnt getting anything in return for helping someone out, as long as they never find out and you dont do it often then its all good. XD

    I know my sis pinches my sack, but I allow it cuz she does the dishes and vacuums and does my clothes with hers sometimes XD I am a lazy bastard but everyone gets paid in one way or another.

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