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  1. Nice growth since the last pic! Looking good.
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  2. The rooter may have been staying too wet.
    Looks like damping off, with the collapsing stem.
    It's possible it may not recover. Only time will tell.
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  3. It's pretty wet now for sure, but I think it could have been too dry before. When I pulled it from the net cup the rooter was dry as a bone save for the very base which was just slightly damp. Or it could have been the major bending at TP time. Either way I wasn't careful enough with it at that critical point and the time right around that point.

    Either way I appreciate the help. If I lose it, it happens. Another lesson learned.

    Will keep it around for another couple days and see what happens.
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  4. They can be pretty resilient. It may survive if it's not getting any worse.
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  5. To that end - just checked in (and fired the humidifier back up since I was back below 50%). The *bottom* of the stem seems to have recovered cell water pressure and remains standing - just flops over on the thinner top section.

    If she does pull through she'll probably be pretty small but we'll see what happens.
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  6. The two are looking good. Also my TDS is dropping about 10 points a day now, so seems like they are ready for some real nutes this weekend. (Fired the humidifier back up this morning too - been shutting it down overnight to avoid climbing into the 80%+ range)...
    Pitched the dying one yesterday when I discovered that the roots it did have had withered away too.

    Psyched for the healthy ones though! I'm debating taking my cabinet res rig down to 2 buckets when the time comes since I only have the 2 plants...
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  7. From the last picture of #3, it looks like it's trying it's hardest. You try spraying down the leaves a little before lights out? Try to give 'em a little foliar watering. Like you say, if it does pull through, it's gonna be dinky. That said, I thought my Fast n' Loud wasn't going to do anything at all, and now it's looking like it's ready to harvest and I'm betting on maybe a half oz dried/maybe a little under an eighth of oil. So, if it does pull through, you might still get something.
    All THAT said, the two tent ones are looking really happy. Have you turned the fans back on at all? Mine just came in yesterday, so I gotta get em in the tents this weekend.
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  8. Yo Blackey - how are your autos doing? Feel free to photobomb my thread if ya got some pics of them - always like to see how my former equipment is working lol
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  9. I pitched it yesterday - the leaves were getting crispy.

    Gonna hold off on the fan til I have roots in the water. Got one of the blizzard fans half-hacked to be taller, but I need some more parts to make it stable.
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  10. MC?
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    Plants on 5/10-
    Group shot (clockwise starting from left- Strawberry Nuggets [SN] #1 & #2, Forum Stomper [ForS] #1 & #2, a Platinum GSC clone [which I am just fucking around with, supercropping it to hell], and in the center my Fugue State [FS]):

    Plants on 5/14-

    SN#2: 0514182237a.jpg




    Super-cropped this PGSC for fun:

    Did it again last night after the first pinching healed up. I'll try to get some pictures of it tonight, along with some new shots of the autos (they're starting to take off...).
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  12. Megacrop
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  13. Very

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  14. Megacrop. The one part nute I was trying a couple months back
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  15. Did a res change this afternoon. The plant on the right has a root poking into the soup so it's time to get started. Switched from my rooting mix to very light veg nutes.
    TDS: 120 -> 350 / EC: 0.24 -> 0.70
    Been having to manually switch my little humidifier off & on every few hours but have generally been able to keep it in the 40-60% range on days that I'm home.

    I also switched the light over to 20/4 and dialed up the QB intensity just a bit too.
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  16. Wanted to see if you all think I should be concerned. Still waiting on the left plant to root out of its cup - new leaves look to be forming less cleanly than on the right plant...
    Not sure if I'm overreacting or not, but the recent string of bad luck has me wanting to be cautious.
  17. They look a tad hungry to me. But pretty good.
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  18. #479 Steakbomb, May 22, 2018
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    They are running on light soup now (probably about 1/6 strength), and I did give the left one a small top feed this morning. If lefty roots out I will probably go to 1/4 strength or so this coming weekend.

    The right plant is nice & green - good color. First single-finger leaves look really good on the left - new ones are a little yellow toward the middles and very slightly curled on the edges. If they both look a little light color-wise in the pics, it may be the 4000k QB...
  19. Per the suggestion of @Or_Gro in the supercloset thread, I've diluted the soup a little more (now at TDS 290) and have upped the light intensity a little bit. His main suspicion is not enough light.
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