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Staying high until this stomach virus goes away

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I did a little research and I found that marijuana is supposed to help nausea. So, to test this theory, I sparked up a bowl. Within minutes, I felt my stomach pains ease off. I didn't have the urge to run to the bathroom.

    However, once I woke up, I came down, and the pain was there, but more minor.

    My question to you guys: would it be safe to just be blitzed the whole time i'm sick? My body has aches and a 99.8 fever, which has improved.

    I'm just trying to distract myself from acting sick.
  2. yes, it would be extremely safe. almost like taking actual medication, only a really good one. get it? medication? medicinal marijuana?

  3. most certainly, marijuana is completely safe no matter how much you smoke or how often. with the exception being your lungs, but you would have to smoke like a quarter a day for weeks to notice any problems in your breathing
  4. Yah. i'm gonna take small moderate hits off a bubbler so I don't choke.
  5. ^^^thats the better way anyway, i hate coughin and chokin
  6. I always smoke when I'm sick it helps most of my symptoms. A few months ago I had a stomach bug, and was puking a ton. When I smoked I was hungry and could keep food down. So at night I would smoke and eat something light and not throw it up.
  7. Many people might not know this but weed gets rid of pain, i burned my finger once cooking and a few hours later i got high and the throbbing pain from the burn like disappeared, at least until i was sober again

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