Stay away from "The Box"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by markg4life20, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. If your new to smoking your friends may try to pull practical jokes on you when your high. When I smoked my 1st time, I was super fucked up because they always say your first time is your best.. But anyways we were in our little pot circle and one of my friends mentioned to the other that they should put me in "The Box". The box is when your friends play a practical joke on you and they act like they are picking up an invisible box and then they put it over your whole body.. It actually really fucks with you because then they go completely silent, and start knocking on the box that really isn't there if that makes sense.. I'm not sure if this is a tradition but it happened to me.. Has it ever happened to you or will you try it on your friends LOL Reply! Oh by the way I'm new to Grasscity.. Hit me up and add me or some shit!
  2. Yeah I heard of that lol new smokers love that trip out shit. I think it's annoying as fuckkkkk welcome to the city though

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