Statue of Satan in OKC

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  1. Cool lookin statue...
  2. I like the statue

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    Very little to none of that sort of stuff is actually even 'evil,' or that wasn't the original intended meaning...just extremely widespread ignorance and misinterpretation...sort of like how I used to, along with many others, think 'pagan' was basically synonymous with devil-worshipper...ignorance...or how people think the pentagram is evil...or the swastika for that matter...people just don't know about any of this stuff, it's popularly portrayed as evil, and people just accept that without really knowing anything about it.
  4. I completely agree, which is why I find the controversy so funny. And the fact that they put that forward most likely just because Oklahoma as a whole has a huge hard on for biblical and church related things. Just stirring the pot.. I agree with the other posters too. The statue is pretty kickass.
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    Yup. But hey, I think they definitely have a good point, and it's cool someone is bringing it to the forefront. How it Christian scripture, symbolism, etc. ok, but nothing else is? The fact that it's a satanist church doing it is just humorous...but, first of all, it's not even satan, it's baphomet...which represents like the primal reality, prior to differentiation into duality...containing both ends of polarities...something like that...not even evil, but symbols which involve transcendence of duality generally end up being called evil by the religious...I'm pretty confident that even satan himself was originally supposed to have similar meaning...

    But yes, the statue is kinda
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    Anyone read the comments under the story?
    They're hilarious.

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