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States with best stoner community.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smawrpg, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. EAST COAST ONLY. I know Colorado and Cali already got tons.

    So what do you think?
  2. when i go out to the east it seems like boston has a really good one.
  3. Yeah sure does, but that's the only city or area I have visited with a sweet stoner community. so it would be cool to see some others since I am looking to go on vacation and travel in the near future.
  4. you should just come out here, i got the danky dank for $45 8th tops.

  5. What? That has nothing to do with this thread...

    I know you said East Coast...but I'm from Texas and it's no Colorado or Cali, ha. But I'll tell you one thing...Austin, TX is one of the most stoner friendly towns I've ever been in my life. I lived there for 4 years...I'm living in Cali now and believe it or not, Austin was a much more pot friendly place than where I am in Cali.
  6. kinda wanted to avoid the snow haha as I am stuck with it in a couple of months. But colo

    seems sick otherwise.
  7. I got friends near Austin, maybe ill check it.
  8. Michigan. The whole state. MSU, UofM, west side, east side, the UP.

    Anywhere you go in this state you will find bud.

    Its fucking amazing.
  9. Rhode island has a pretty good stoner community, Providence is chill, cops are ussually looking for guns coke and crack so marijuana isnt a big issue there are 2 main head shops all over the state as well as two underground semi hidden ones with better price and stock, a bit over populated due to the 5 collages within a 3 mile diameter area
  10. Florida is like the Cali of the east coast. If you stick to the east coast of Florida, you have the beach/surfer/stoner mentality kinda like Cali.
  11. key west florida the only people getting arrested for marijuana possession down here are kids that are douche bags to the cops while they got weed on them and if their busted driving drunk or posession with other drugs..
  12. ........canadia.
  13. yee yee

    just moved back home from East Lansing...I miss the place very much.
  14. Basically my entire town smokes in north-east jersey just outside of NYC. NYC is pretty chill around the downtown areas with head shops everywhere you look.

  15. ahh why did you leave the EL? this place is the shit. best time of my life. go green, fuck CMU.
  16. This is true. Jersey's got a good community going. Damn near every kid in this town smokes, but aren't the kind of smokers you want to associate with, they're mainly drop outs and a lot are strung out on other drugs. But the real weed smokers around here that love weed and don't let it control their life are some of the most amazing people I've ever met.
  17. why hasnt anyone said boone, NC?
    kingston street in boone is the pure essince of stoner lol. and Appalation state is even on kingston street. the smell of dank weed is in the air :smoke:
  18. essence* not essince lol
  19. Yet to find any dank in nj :mad:

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