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Stash Spot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dildodaggins, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Thought of this, while blazed(still am hah). The best stash spot in the fuckn world would be one of those girl diaries with voice opened passwords. Nobody could ever get in:hello: ... whattup... :smoke:
  2. -Not a girl-

    might as well just put it in the safe
  3. Yeah, that would be a really good spot for female stoners, if males, whoever your hiding it from will think your gay.
  4. imagine the cops huddled around tryin to get the diary open, talking in girly high pitched voices
  5. Actually its only the actual word the dictionary uses not the voice

    My little sister has one
  6. I hide mine inside my computer case.

  7. Ive been laughing for fucking 20 minutes at this shit:smoke:
  8. buy a mini safe that holds in smell and locks with a combo or a key. then hide the key somewhere clever

  9. I did that for a bit but if it even smelled a little the fan would blow it all around my room.
  10. I carved a hole in the middle of a stack of paper plates, put it in a pill bottle, and wrapped the pill bottle with 2 peices of 5ive Gum (still in the wrapper).

    No one will find that shit.
  11. stuffed animals are the shit
  12. The best stash spot is a hat. I have like 4 or 5 hanging on my wall ( I collect them and get them all stitched with my initials)I hide my weed in one specific hat... or when im in public... i have it above my head but beneath my hat... lets say you get pulled over... they search your pockets and your car... lol they wont touch your hat :) lol
  13. i cut a hole in the part of my bed that like lifts it, i dont know what us called:confused_2: but, if you hide your stash up there, no one will find that shit.
  14. This is kinda what I did... Theirs a cloth piece that kinda hangs down, it covers the hole bottom of the bed, cut a slit in it (big enough to put things through) and there ya go. Works perfect. Thats where I put my bongs/bubblers I dont use. The one I use stays behind my bedside table, for easy access :D
  15. i woulddddddddddddd . . . but i already have a safe. :D
    good idea though...but those cheap diaries wouldnt hold the smell in.
  16. Hahah this is where I stash my bong/weed

    [ame=]YouTube - Shoutouts! & Where I stash my bong/weed[/ame]
  17. very nice, very nice rhino.
  18. lol no one ever suspects it too.
  19. Lol, one day your mom/dad walks into your room ands like "hey come help me move this matress" and BAM! busteddd.

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