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Stash Spot in Car?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CosmicSerpent, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Like most college stoners, I don't really have to worry about hiding my weed while I'm away at school... but when I go back home for a break or whatever, I have to hide it from my parents.

    They have known that I smoke for years, but they don't agree with it and don't like to see any evidence of it, so I try to be respectful when I'm around them. I usually don't carry weed in my car unless I'm picking it up, but when I go stay at my parent's house, I leave it in my car to try and keep it out of their sight.

    So where do you hide your weed when you have to keep it in your car? I've always just slid a pouch with some bud and a bowl up under the driver's seat, and only taken it out when I'm going to a friend's house to smoke. I'm not really worried about cops cause I always drive the speed limit and rarely smoke in my car, so that isn't the biggest concern.

    What I'm worried about is my parents being in my car. When I go home for spring break soon, I'm gonna have to get my car fixed, and my parents might drive it a couple of times. I really don't want to worry and be paranoid about my weed the whole time, so I've got to find a better spot.

    Where is a spot that I can stash my bud and it will be very hard to find for others, but relatively accessible for me if I know where it is? I was thinking of maybe taking some of the foam out of the arm-rest and finding a way to stuff it in there? Any ideas would be appreciated.... I drive a Ford Crown Vic by the way.
  2. locking glove box never done me wrong
  3. By your feet, some cars have a small fuse box you may be able to fit some in. Or, there are crevices under there you can stash it in. Check the passenger side, too, just don't stick it in the floor-vent for the AC ... haha

    Also ... in your trunk where the spare tire compartment is. Or where the jack compartment is.
  4. [​IMG]

    This thing pops off and there is a little shelf there. best spot ever, saved me sooooooo many times :smoking:

    i got pulled over for speeding and i put a grinder, small pipe and a quad in there in like .029 seconds :cool:
  5. Yeah, the only problem is that's where I keep my registration, insurance card, owner's manual, etc... so I would be fucked if I got pulled over and had bud in there. Plus if my parents were in my car, that would mean they would have the key and could easily open it.

    Already tried... there isn't enough room to fit more than maybe a gram or so.... and I want to be able to stash at least an eighth and a small glass bowl.

    Yeah, I'll have to see if there's a panel I can pull off maybe or something like that....

    The only problem with that is it would be such an incredible pain in the ass to go back there and dig to get it out every time I want to smoke a bowl, and then have to put it back again afterwards. This might be an option though if I can't think of anything else.

    Thanks for all the ideas, guys... keep them coming!
  6. .Ret3p^ :

    My car has something like that. The drink holder pulls out to reveal, besides the E-brake cable and a bunch of RCAs going to my amp, a large cavity capable of holding a 1/4oz, a pipe, etc.

    1996 Accord FTW
  7. man if you know theyre gona be driving your car just put that shit in a backpack in the trunk or something...even in a back pack in your back seat if you want. hopefuly your parents dont snoop! i drive a jeep cherokee so the whole front ac/heat, radio, lights, and knobs faceplate pops off in about 1 second. i just put it on top of the cdplayer and put the plate back on
  8. Get to know your car...every car has little nooks and crannies. Make sure you write yourself a note (like, text message yourself) so you don't forget.
  9. That's pretty sweet.... my old car had a similar hiding spot. Unfortunately now I drive a Ford Crown Vic and it doesn't have a center console like that.... it looks like this:

  10. If you're going to take your car to get fixed during Spring Break, isnt there a possibility that the mechanics might stumble across your stash?

    I would personally put it in a small sealable air tight sandwich box and put it at the bottom of my bag. Your parents would go rooting through your bag, will they? That way, there won't be a smell and you'll be able to move it about as and when required.
  11. Damn I want a crown vic....motherfuckers wouldn't bother me thinking I'm an undercover or some shit! Tell me your crown vic is either white or black, and you have a spotlight on your drivers side mirror....fuck yes.
  12. Yeah I suppose I'll have to take it out when I do that, or either find somewhere in the car like inside the armrest or something that they wouldn't find.

    Yeah, I might end up doing that.... I guess I just feel bad bringing it into my parent's house when they have known I smoke for a few years, but we just don't really talk about it anymore. I've done a good job of keeping it out of their sight for a while now by just keeping it in my car, and because I'm usually 3 hours away from them.

    And no they wouldn't intentionally go rooting through my bag, but the closer they are to it, the more likely they are to somehow stumble across it. And it would be difficult to bring in and out of my house when I'm going somewhere without them seeing it.
  13. Haha it's actually like a greenish-silver kind of neutral color. But yeah, I've never been pulled over (knock on wood) and everyone on the interstate always slows down and gets over when I get close to them.
  14. Yeah nothing slows your ass down like a crown vic or a charger in your rear view mirror (the county cops, state patrol, and shiefs department all drive Chargers or impala's). I always wanted to buy a Mercury Maurader and pimp it out, but classy. Leather seats, a nice stereo, some window tint, and some 18's with some nice sticky rubber. It'd be so fucking sick.
  15. is there any space behind the rear center armrest? too bad you don't have a center console and can pop off the panel by the gear shifter. i've actually never thought of that and its a really good idea.
  16. On some cars you can actually pull the roof insilastion down a little a shove it up in there. Or right under the glove box theres a whole bunhc of hidden crevases in there, also you can sometimes pull out the compartments on your front dash by your radio and such n put it in there....plenty of places man look around.
  17. Every one of my friends cars have that little compartment in the arm rests that can screw out. Been searched twice and never been caught.
  18. Some cars have a opening is which near the seat belts. Mine is in the back. Usually can fit a pill bottle big enough to hold close to an ounce. (I'm paranoid and I have a bill bottle inside of a pill bottle.) Been searched 4 times and cops haven't found anything yet.
  19. in my car, to the left of the sterring wheel and bellow it is a little mini glove box. I have no clue what it is used for. It has a handle to open it up and it looks kinda like an ashtray but it isnt. Anyways I can usually fit a 1/4 in there and maybe a small pipe. Its not very big. If anyone has a Honda Civic and knows what it really is for then please tell me! I only realized it was there until I started smoking.
  20. Just bring it in the house and hide it. Unless your parents search through your room, it's a much safer spot than in your car where they;ll be.

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