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Stash Ideas?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drankformydank, May 20, 2010.

  1. I'm a relatively new toker and i'm planning on getting a 5-8 inch sherlock bubbler. However i'm slightly hesitant because i have no idea where im going to hide it from my parents. Anybody have any ideas on where i could hide it? :smoke:
  2. I don't know about you but above my bed a have a light in the roof, and if I take the bulb out I can stash stuff in my roof, it's pretty nifty. You could probably maneuverer the bubbler up there
  3. I say put it in shoebox or something and then put it on top of your closett. That's usually where I keep my shit. It's not like your parents go thru your room or do they?
  4. If they dont search your shit you could easily stash it anywhere. i.e in a drawer with clothes(lay it down), in a closet, Like ^ said in a shoebox, if you have a pair of boots in your closet you could stuff it in one of them. idk there's plenty of things to do.
  5. The best spot ever is if you have old stereo speakers is to hollow that out. I have two kinds one I screwed off the back and hollowed out the guts and the back just pops on and off. The second has a Velcro front that goes back to the speaker so I took that stuff out and left with a hollow box and all you have to do is remove the front cover. Works like a charm, easy access and no one would ever, ever think of looking inside a speaker.
  6. We all go through a phase where we turn everything into stash boxes, and find a place to hide everything. I've literally done it to everything imaginable-old floss boxes, dead headphones, the classic dry erase marker, old fencing equipment. I hide all my shit in my sister's room-she's off in college, I'm a senior in high school. My parents have no need to go to her room, and if they ever do and find it, it's on her ass. :D
  7. what I did when I wasn't allowed to smoke in my house(i can now..) I gutted my
    old cd player but left the top cd changer in it so I could hide things underneath it
    hidden but still easy access? or anything really large and box
  8. when i was thirteen befoei knew my parents were chill as fiuck i would just leave my bubbler out on my desk and such. but proubably not the smartest thing to do. they would never come in my room i wold recomend that though, i would usually cut a hole in my matrees on the side thats against a wall and stash shit in there
  9. I hide my bowl in my computer case. It has 3 of these pull out hard drive bays and i only have 3 hard drives. Each bay holds three so i use the other 2 to stash shit in haha

  10. in my closet i have my PS3 box and just keep all my shit in there because why would they go in it. If you have something like that go for it. Its fucking awesome though because whenever i open the box, it smells like whatever weed i currently have in stock and like bowl res
  11. [​IMG]i have a blue one of these and it works pretty well

    i also take the extra step of hiding the tiny ass key to it
  12. I keep my stuff in a little toiletry bag used for tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, shampoo, etc. It's not exactly 100% fool-proof, but my parents generally don't go through my stuff. They have no reason to suspect me, either, so I have that benefit too.

    Another story for my friend, though. His mom smelled cigarette smoke in his bathroom and guessed that he was using it to cover up weed smoke -- which he did. So she completely ransacked his room, lifted up the carpet, pulled out the heating vents, until she found his stash. Keep in mind this guy is 20 years old and only lives at home when he's not at college. I would have been so furious if my mom did that, but he's a bit of a pusscake so he didn't question her.

    If my parents ever find my stuff, my only response would be, "what the FUCK are you doing going through my things?" And that would be that. They respect my property enough to stay out of it, and to them, invading one's privacy is worse than smoking a little weed, so I really don't foresee any problems.
  13. Dude I thought only I did that. :O

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