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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by brian hobo, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. i got this old cigar box from my grandpa that ive been using for a stash box. it fits all my stuff nice and i can hide it nicely. im real into computers so one of the drawers in my desk has boxes from parts and games, i just put it inside one of the boxes.

    -old glass jar to hold bud
    -my bowl
    -mini red bic lighter
    -match box i put roaches in
    -skiing goggle bag i put my bowl in
    -hoses for bong
    -red zigzags
    -razor for blunts
    -$20 for my next purchase
    -potleaf lighter

    what do you all stash shit in?

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  2. i keep all my shit in a backpack on the floor in my room cuz im a lazy bastard
  3. juicy jay rasberrys? got them too

  4. Grey Poupon, eh?
  5. haha, it was the only jar that wasn't huge. it works great, and a quick washing got rid of the mustard smell :-x
  6. i got busted recently and had to find a better place to stash my stuff. i had the box from my canon a60 laying around so i used that. i stashed most of my stuff in there. i have it in the corner of my room between my desk and closet with my camera bag on it. i can keep everything in here, and i put some manuals on top, its real sneaky.

    -glass tube for spoofs
    -pot leaf butane lighter
    -glass jar for bud
    -jelly belly altoids-type joint box
    -butane refill

    all i need now is a couple bics from the gas station and some actual bud. im not gonna smoke at all this week, just to prove i can, and to bring my tolerance down. plus since i got busted i shouldnt be smoking as much, too sketchy. i also have a picture of all the stuff in my joint box...

    -2 packs of orange zigazags
    -homemade one hitter thats good for roaches
    -razor for blunts
    -bag of seeds and extra bags
    -rectangular match box for roaches

  7. Thats some sneaky shit bro, sorry ya got busted
  8. my mom was cool, i only got grounded for 2 days man. plus i know she does it, its hard to bring it up in a conversation, but if she ever tried to really punish me id throw that at her.
  9. I put mine in a cigar box too
  10. my stash box..

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  11. how are those flavored papers? ive always wanted to try some. here is pretty much the only stuff in my stash that has been getting used lately:

    zigzag kingsize roller
    white zigzag papers
    king size marley papers
    half of a joint i have left
    gram of real nice nug

    the roller is nice cause if you put a lot of shake in it, you get a fat joint and you can save weed and only roll a little bit.

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  12. this bud is real camera gets good shots of the crystals. it smells nice, lots of red hairs. the flash on my camera is always too bright as you can see, im trying to figure out to get it to be perfect. i got this gram for $15 off my bro, not too bad.

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  13. Brian, whered u get that lighter dude its LOOKS MAD FUCKING COOL AND I WANT ONE
  14. which one man, the potleaf one? its totally nice, behind the leaf it flashes red and blue (cop style) when you open the top. i got it off ebay for like $7 shipped. look around...if you can't find it, PM me and ill try to find the store.
  15. holy crap brian thx for tippin me off about ebay damn bombass lighters cheap as hell thx man and nice stash
  16. i just keep my shit on my desk... yeah its kinda a bust but my mom never goes into my room
    my herb is in like a little fruities candy case... it tasted like shit so i threw them out, but the case fits like 2 grams pretty snug, and its just good to have cause its airtight

    i have my lighters just on top of my tv cause thats where my incense is(few bics, zippo, torch)

    phr0zenphr33k: those bags u have are badass man
  17. ...razor for blunts? what? don't know how to bust a philly? lmfao, and 15 for a gram of that nug? shiiit, i get that for 5 a gram here, my friend just got a hp of that shit. Also, phr0zen or whatever, learn how to roll joints, or go work at the closest tootsie roll factory and roll their tootsie rolls up :(
  18. Oh, and i see alot of visine... god, just tell your parents you smoke pot, I did, and my mom just doesnt care anymore.
  19. jesus man, you can have an opinion, but don't fucking force it on us. you act like everything you say is the right thing and we're all wrong. open your mind and learn to listen to other people.
  20. All theese stash boxes are pretty groovy but mine has a killer story behind it. One my 19th birthday my friends went to a gas station and some how convinced the clerk to sell them a whole box of philly sour apple blunts (my 3rd fav to honey phillys and peach white owls). The box had 60 blunts in it. To top that off they bought a half pound of mexican brick weed and they bought keg of beer. The 3 of us drank and smoked ourselves straight for seriously 4 days. (We had to get the keg refilled once or twice but we had plenty of smoke). After I smoked all of the blunts. I decided that the box should be my stash box and it really brings up some great memories for me.

    *edit-I went on a "listen up youngens" rant and decided not to post it. I will say this though I was emancipated at a young age and if your parents are willing to tolerate you despite your smoking/lifestyle you should consider yourself lucky. (If for nothing else, lucky to have a roof over your head). And that's all I'll say.

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