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  1. i have been starting my plants outside ... and bringing them into my shed / growroom ... i had a time tryin to get right .... it wasnt until i found this more then helpful forum ... i was using a crhomo 50 floresent fish tank light..... lol i found out after it just killed 12 plants that the crhoma 50 bulb only works till thier about 1 or 2 inches tall .....and also i was over waterining them ,...... if it wasnt for this site my grow room wouldnt be white... yea i was using alluminum foil ... i painted it today with Flat White Paint and my seeds are gonna be sprouted in about 2 to 3 days ... i have them outside

    my germination process has been real rewarding for me ... k heres what i do .....i have a beef jerky can you know the kind that look like a skoal can... i fill it half with water ... add my seeds let em set for 2 days in the same juicy thc filled water ... smells of dog poop... then i place them in my soil .....25% clay 25% little gravels from beside my street and 50% bagged soil ... NOT THE stuff With The Foam Balls In It i allready made that mistake before too ... well as soon as i finish setting up my new grow room ill post pics

    thanx for all you guys help

    P.S know im using 2- 40 watt cfls should i use more ? ... cuzz i have like 6 different light sets for those long bulbs and like a million 40 watt bulbs
  2. I don't understand THC filled water? Dog poop? Little gravels? Is it just me, or does this post not make a lot of sense?
  3. I really dont understand either did that germ method work? did they sprout?
  4. I think he's saying that he soaked them 2 days in the same water, that is he did not change the water, under the belief that the water in which the seeds have been soaking hsa become saturated with THC and that continuing to soak the seeds in such water is a good thing. Even though such unchanged water smells bad.

    I think this is what he is saying. There's nothing really true about changing vs. not changing the water, as long as the water is pH neutral and doesn't have chemicals in it.
  5. and yes this Germination process work quite well .... turns Seeds To Lil Plant in about 5-6 days ...Using Real Sun never tried my lights yet to affraid my seeds wont grow ...i dont have anymore money for weed or just using seeds from my smoke sacks .....but im not getting away from mentioning my smokesacks are da bomb sticky

    thanx for the replies

    p.s i also soak a shit load of stems on top of the seed thats what makes the water stinky

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