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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by golden balls, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. I have my first 1m2 grow set up with a single 400w HPS and a 160m3/hr extractor. I need a bit of info before I go any further.

    1. Our local grow shop (Belfast Indoor Gardening) burnt down(not good, very nice fellas too) and I don't like getting supplies by post, so can anyone tell me a good, ready to use soil available in the uk ie. Homebase/B&Q etc?

    2. Also a good uk brand of fert for veg and another for flowering?

    3. Lastly what size of pot should I use?

    PS. Lobby your MP/supplier. Ban Soap Bar as the poison it is. Check out
  2. I use John Innes No 1 (for seedlings) mixed with 40% perlite. Stick your seeds in a small pot (4 inch) and pot up when the roots start showing through the hole at the bottom. How big a pot you end up with depends on how long you're going to let them veg for.

    For ferts, why not order separate veg and bloom ferts from a grow shop? That's your easiest way - otherwise look up the threads here. There's lots of homemade nutrient mixtures but it's more hassle. No ferts for the first fortnight - you'll burn your plants.

    You'll also need a ph meter to get the water right and at least one fan, coz your HPS will fry your plants without it.

    Good luck
  3. yip, i'm in the U.K. and use a 50/50 with John innes no2, and miricle grow, with perlite and vermiculite added as well, gives a nice consistency.........ferts depends, i've got a normal homebase tomato fert, and miricle grow bloom for flowering, or the hydro of holland 3 part mix........and green fuse bloom for extra yield...........this grow, i'm trying to reduce the chemicals............Peace out.........Sid
  4. Cheers Sidious, Arseface and London Guy. Your help is most appreciated. But I am kind of shitting myself. I ordered nirvana seeds from nearly two weeks ago and no sign yet which is making me v v nervous. Have any of you tried this supplier before? Or has anyone lost seeds in the post in the past? Should I be worried?

  5. sid whats the npk on the john innes no2 and the miricle grow

    and does anybody now the npk for sunshine mix.

    these two seem to be the most popular depending where you live and i cant find them where i live.

    laters jay.
  6. Hi Golden Balls,

    We sell a full range of soil and ferts and are based in Belfast and Bangor - 'the hydroponics store...' Click my sig to visit our homepage...


  7. don't know mate, they don't have it on the side of the packs like the do in the states.......but just try your own mixes from some of the local stores soils, whichever brand they me be........the no2 is a soil for "sowing on" and the mircle grow is a high nute soil...........Peace out..........Sid
  8. Hi.


    cheers sid.yeh ive got my own compost that im going to use with a mix of other things.thanks again.

    laters jay

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